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    Fine ill say it Steve Danuser is the Matt Ward of Warcraft
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    Quote Originally Posted by Beet View Post
    Night Warrior empowerment is about as much plot armor as whatever “new powers” Sylvanas and Nathanos have. If you’re going to use it then you can believe the powers Sylvanas has that let her make Bolvar her bitch are also with Nathanos as he’s her right arm.
    Tyrande gained this power boost through a ritual, coming from a well-established powerful being in the Warcraft Universe.

    Sylvanas gained this power boost through bluetooth, channeled by whatever invisible mean from a new being that ONLY wants more dead people, so that doesn't really make sense the Jailer empowered ONLY Sylvanas. His power doesn't need a relic, ritual or anything else apparently, so why not just empowering all the warmongering assholes on Azeroth (Sylvanas, Genn, Garrosh and all the Iron Horde (yeah dawg, the Jailer is here since the beginning of the universe), Kil'jaeden and literally everything from the Burning Legion, and you'll see the whole universe collapse in two days. But no, Sylvanas.

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    No but Nathanos is like a human ranger who was so good even a bunch of high elves thought he was great.

    Obviously, Tyrande, made into Elune's avatar of vengeance couldn't hope to stand up to a creature of such magnitude.

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