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    a complete end to the horde v alliance war, horde joining with alliance officially, off to fight big bads.

    basically all NPC's and PC's realizing they're nothing but mites on the back of a titan.
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    CGI cinematic for N'zoth death et everyone cheering

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    in your mind
    Your character wakes up from a horrible nightmare, and finds him/herself in an inn in the capitol. As he/she wakes up, memories start to return, and suddenly everything comes back. Garrosh is still in chains, about to be executed for his crimes against Azeroth for using old god powers, and the weird dream was just that: the dark portal didn't suddenly open to some weird version of Dreanor, the Legion didn't return because Gul'dan somehow returned, and there wasn't some illogical war between alliance and horde cause by the fallout of defeating the legion and some mad titan dropping a giant sword in silithus. It was all just a bad dream.

    The end.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cherry123 View Post
    even for a children's fairy tale he soy
    Mmo champ is the only place I find the Soy insult being used.

    I forget what’s it mean again ? A weak man?

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