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  • Uldir

    13 9.70%
  • Battle for Dazar'alor

    67 50.00%
  • Cruicible of Storms

    11 8.21%
  • Eternal Palace

    12 8.96%
  • Nya'lotha the Waking City

    31 23.13%

Thread: Best BFA Raid?

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    It was short, the difficulty at release was good, I love how they addapted the same mechanics to both bosses.

    Just like how ToV was one of my favorite raids in Legion

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    Dazar by far. Ny would be pretty even, but nzoth mythic feels a big disappointment to me. Not much depth in the fight, most other bosses are good though.

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    Jaina Raid.

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    Uldir is miles ahead of the others. It's a very underrated raid. Scenery is amazing, there is some non-linearity (you can chose between 3 bosses after the first two) and the mechanics were quite nice for most of them.

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    As of now I'd say BDA purely based off having a better final boss. I think Ny'alotha has a better aesthetic, more bosses (I'm a sucker for big raids) and both raids have non-final bosses that are about equally good, with BDA having Opulence, Rastakhan and Mekkatorque as highlights while NWC has Vexiona, Carapace and Il'gynoth. But Jaina is a way better boss than N'zoth in both the difficulties I beat them, and Mythic doesn't seem to make the big boy any better, so I give the crown to BDA.

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    Bright colors, interesting fights, although I didn't like the faction swap since my race was always turned to a damned female human...

    Did not enjoy the visuals and designs of Uldir nor EP.
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    The only thing nyalotha is missing from being one of the GOAT is old god themed class tiet sets.

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    BoD is a really good raid. Its up there with BRF, Ulduar and ToT in my book.

    Ny'alotha is pretty good. The only one I didn't care for was Uldir.

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    They have all been lacking imo. Maybe I would say BoD if only there were some actually consequences with the Mekkatorque and Jaina fight, they both came out completely unscratched so the fights felt rather pointless. And as powerful as Jaina is these days I don’t buy that she is worthy of a final raid boss, especially when compared to G’huun, Azshara and N’zoth. Also they made me put down my boy Rastakhan as a Horde because of this dumb faction swap.

    I’d say Nya’lotha is my favorite despite the wasted opportunity to turn it into its own expansion. And ofcourse the N’zoth ending is unforgivable. I do like the otherworldly vibe of the place and the similarities to Ahn’Qiraj.

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    I like BoD most, such a fun raid with fun bosses, lines and so on.

    Nyalotha is super decent, but really that Xanesh mythic can go die in fire - I dread reclearing this shit for months. I hope they will eventually allow one ball fuckup at least.

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    Crucible. 2 very good bosses, and the only raid of the expansion to have a good end boss. Unfortunately not a lot of people bothered with it.
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    Nya-> BoD-> Uldir -> EP -> Cru

    I like Ny'alotha the best right now. The bosses feel fun and experimental. Although that might change with mythic.
    BoD kinda left a sour feeling with how out-of-place Oppulence was difficulty wise.

    Can't agree that Crucible was good. The bosses were annoying mechanic bloat with god awful chamber aesthetic thrown in there for short consumption.
    Eternal Palace & Uldir had too low of a boss count. They kinda felt underwhelming, although Uldir was more fun imho.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kokolums View Post
    1. nya
    2. ep
    3. bod
    4. uldir
    5. crucible

    Altho really its just nya. rest were bad. for one, nya actually has a decent mog set (not great but decent). I have absolutely zero interest in collecting mog sets from the other raids. they all were terrible. mog sets matter a LOT.
    Personally I find the mythic plate set from BoD awesome (best transmog this expansion IMO). I actually leveled up a war in hopes of getting it at some point haha. But yeah I'll need to wait for solo farm capability at this point.

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