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    If you could only pick 10 Cable/Satellite TV Channels

    If you could only pick 10 Cable/Satellite TV Channels, what would you pick for your house?

    This would be for life, so try to rank them in order if you couldn't have any other network or Channels, also what are your Top 2 Streaming Services.

    1. USA
    2. TBS
    3. CNN
    4. Bloomberg
    5. NHL
    6. TNT
    7. Nickelodeon
    8. Hallmark Mysteries
    9. Syfy
    10. A&E

    Streaming Services

    1. Netflix
    2. Disney Plus

    Honorable Mention: Boomerang - Retro Cartoons
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    I only want two. History Channel and Syfy.
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    Yeah sure, why not.

    Cable - Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Disney, TLC, FX, Food Network, TCM, A&E, Boomerang ... Uhhh... and History for nostalgia's sake I guess?

    Streaming - Netflix and Disney Plus, obviously. Honorable mention to VRV.

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    Hulu is like half of those. And if you have Hulu then you might as well do the Disney bundle.

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    National Geo
    Animal Planet
    Weather Channel
    Food Network

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    FX, AMC, USA, TBS, Comedy Central, TNT, Syfy, BBC America, and I guess just to pick 10 I'll say NFL Network and well not sure about the 10th

    Streaming would go with Hulu and Amazon
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    History, TNT, FX, Weather Channel, ID, Discovery, A&E, Science, AMC, Travel would probably cover all the TV I've watched in recent memory.

    For streaming, Hulu and Amazon

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