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    Hell even those that started in Wrath or later have been subject to the same time gsting and slowdowns all MMOs have. So it is once again, bitching just to bitch.
    Yeah, remember ICC? Now that was time gating ^^
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    What I want someone to answer is when was there ever "things to do" that weren't confined to raiding, pvp and quests?

    TBC: raids, arena, bg's, aldor/scryers rep, dailies in 2.4, questing
    WotLK: raids, arena, bg's, dailies for TotC, wintergrasp
    Cata: raids, arena, bg's, tol barad, dailies, questing
    MOP: raids, arena, bg's, timeless isle, dailies, questing, legendary cloak, challenge mode
    WoD: raids, arena, bg's, garrison, questing, apexis shard farming, challenge mode
    Legion: raids, arena, bg's, class order campaigns (on every class if you want), questing, M+, world quests, artifact skins, mage tower, assaults, legendaries
    BfA: raids, arena, bg's, world quests, war campaign (lol, but was littered with cutscenes and cinematics), mechagon (timeless isle equivalent), M+, essences, allied races, nzoth assaults, horrific visions, islands (lol), warfronts (lol)

    Objectively, there's never been more to do in game. The biggest problem for BfA for me was that it 1. came after legion and 2. launched in a very unfinished state
    The question is not how much there is to do, it’s how good is it?

    To me, here’s the essential problem right now: the vaunted “world content” that a lot of players have asked for is consistently terrible. It’s far too easy and it’s rewarding even after you massively outgear it.

    They seem to know this, which is why they introduced item level scaling, but that’s obviously a bullshit bandaid.

    I’m not subbed right now, but visions seem to be a step in the right direction - instanced content with progressive difficulty that gets nerfed over time so everyone can progress at a pace that makes sense for them.

    That’s what an mmo should always be about, after all - content that gets progressively harder the further you get, each week you go as far as you can and get rewards as you go that allow you to get a bit farther each week. Not Khadgar giving you a bunch of easy quests then saying, “Boy I’m pooped, let’s call it a week and pick this back up on Tuesday!” That’s just fundamentally not satisfying. But doing a vision this week where you get x further than last week feels good.
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    It's not supposed to be fun, we are not in 2009. It's supposed to be frustrating and keep you hooked longer.

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