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    Both the failing movie and badly received first tier made them panic from what i understand. They cut a tier, changed the tanaan tier by a lot and also had to start working on legion earlier than expected. The biggest failure was that the longest patch in wow was one that was developed for a really short time. For these changes the story made no sense. Still don't really understand how shit ended with Grom and Yrel.

    There also was no mythic+ or any progression system outside maybe your pvp rating that you didn't max out in 2 months.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scrod View Post
    Two things:

    1. The team focused waaayy too hard on the launch experience and didn’t think about sustainability. I’ll admit it - Garrison was kinda fun to get up and running, but after a month or two it was dead.

    2. They just didn’t produce enough content. 2 raid tiers is very, very weak. Not sure why, maybe they had internal turmoil, or maybe it was just cost cutting/lots of devs being diverted from wow to ow/hearthstone etc.
    They basically ditched part of the expansion to squeeze more into Legion, there was supposed to be an ogre continent we would visit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scrod View Post
    I always thought that’s why dragon soul was so crappy - short with lots of reused assets. Then again, the HOT heroics were legit.

    Remember 3.3 days when we got a 12 boss raid AND 3 excellent dungeons?
    Remember 3.2 when we got a tent to serve as both dungeon and raid? (Mostly just kidding, there was a lot of tents in that patch and some of them had reasonably cool stuff.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nitros14 View Post
    Nothing went wrong with it.

    Good raids and you could raid log the whole expansion and only log on for raid.

    Perfect. The rest of WoW is shit anyway.
    While I agree with you, that's a mighty brave opinion to have around here.

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