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    Quote Originally Posted by Racthoh View Post
    a lot of content got cut in favor of shadowlands development according to this thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nefarious Tea View Post
    You need to read more of the thread title and first post than the two proper nouns in it.
    You.... realize that the OP doesn't contradict anything I said, right? Go read it.
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    I was very disappointed with the lack of a zone Argus like in 8.3
    Quote Originally Posted by Firedemon View Post
    No. On these forums any updates mean an expansion hint.
    Wrathin comes back? Dragon expansion clearly!
    LK part of a quest? Wotlk 2 clearly!
    Sylvanas working with a death master? Shadowlands clearly!

    At the point we're headed for Wrath of the Shdowlands Dragon Isles Lich and tinkers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tarikla View Post
    This is WoD all over again.

    Remember the cut content in WoD, the shattrah zone/raid cutted out, the Y'rel story thrown to the trash, the Epic cities replaced by Ashran, and the facepalming finale ?

    This is the same shit all over again. Last Time they had to pull all of the fan service and their A+ game to stop the bleeding, but Shadowlands looks nothing like Legion.

    RIP WoW, this Time for good...
    Also the same as Vanilla where we found bits of Hyjal, Outland and the Emerald Dream. Also remember WotLK was supposed to have an entire underground zone for Ankahet as well as flying vehicle combat (which actually made it to the box.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tarikla View Post
    RIP WoW, this Time for good...

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    Loved Suramar, absolutely hate Boralus Harbor. Not every gigantic scale thing they do is good. The N'zoth zone coulda been hit or miss, I won't jump out and say it would've been awesome, definitely creepy though.

    I also don't like the Peter Pan Freehold stuff. Actually the entire zone of Tiragarde Sound is pretty awful, aesthetically, layout wise, architecture, etc. Nazmir and Drustvar poop on it pretty hard.

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