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    Help with posting formulas for TSM

    I have been using all of the features that TSM offers for WoW except for posting auctions and I would like to change that due to the new changes to the AH. However I am pretty clueless when it comes to the Set Minimum/Maximum/Normal Price formulas and I am here to ask for assistance with this.

    What I would like TSM to do is post an item for the current lowest price of said item, or if there is currently no item listed then to post at either the Market Value or Region Market Value Avg, whichever is the lowest. I have tried formulas such as DBmarket for the Set Minimum Price, 120% DBRegionHistorical for the Set Maximum Price and 100% DBRegionHistorical for the Set Normal Price however these don't seem to work the way I would like them to.

    I am not looking to 'make it rain' with cash, all I am trying to do is quicken the process of listing the items I want to list (mostly crafting reagents and Battle Pets) as doing it manually is getting bothersome (First World Problems right?). If you can assist me in setting up some Minimum/Maximum/Normal Price formulas to do the basic task of listing items that I mentioned above then please HELP! I am trying to learn how to use this amazing tool better and any assistance you can provide would be amazing. Also, if you think the amounts that I am trying to list for could be done better than I am open to any suggestion, however please remember I am trying to keep it as simple as possible (to lessen any mistakes I will most likely make) and I am not out to break the bank, just get a fair price for my mats.

    ps If this is the wrong place to post a request for help with TSM I apologise in advance

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