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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucetia View Post
    This is my biggest problem. In ret spec I can play around with more corruption (until the 40 threshold; think that's the next tier), but as a tank who I play a lot I can't really go into the 25 area because the thing spawning on the ground could cause problems for me and the group if I have to move.
    It's fun to play around the eye as tank though :P

    Now, imagine a ret paladin, with rank 3 infinite star on everything, poping wings and divine shield in arena killing two enemies right away, the ret has done its job.

    I'm looking forward to get some corruption to play around! It's not a perfect system by any stretch of imagination but I'll try to enjoy it anyway. The procs are cool!
    Well met!

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    After waking up and seeing that this post had 4 pages i should read all the replies. And most of you are memeing (op things avoidance = dodge, avoidance is good coruption in pushing mythic content [yes if you are doing hight M+ and getting hit hard]). All i was trying to say is that avoidance corruption for pure dps specs is relatively useless. If you get corrupted and get the eye debuff and get hurt by its better to not have it.Yes you can cleanse it but if you get only ilvl upgrade while someone gets good coruption the diference in dps it really high and the person without a good coruption might get sit. Warforged/titanforge system was bad but for different reasons, like if you run LFR and get Uber titanforge and get same thing as mythic loot. I dont expect to get bis every week from content. Last season i had to roll my head peice 6 times to get it and it was 1 out of 6 chance.And i was getting shoes and cloaks from my M+. Yes it was maddening but rng is rng. It wasnt huge difference in raids and other content, if you did all hight content you could. You could farm the items and you play level and still keep up. But right now we have the azerite lottery (if you dont have the right ones you cant perform that well), coruption lottery (if you dont have the good ones you are getting out dps by 10k min. And if you have really bad rng on your side you cant compete in mythic raids on progression. The raid lead would be insane not to sit person who does 10k less then others bc of coruption.

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    It would be great if you could get a item at wrathion vendor that sells the coruption like 20k for rank 1 then 10k for rank 2 and another 10k for rank 3 and pay witb it with mementos or other currency from visions

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    Quote Originally Posted by RobertMugabe View Post
    What the fuck has Avoidance to do with corrupted gear?
    Obviously you haven't paid attention to the thread. Go read the OP's initial post, then slap yourself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Segus1992 View Post
    Cleanse it. Far better than TF, even without having balanced the corruptions. TF was literally just a boring way for RNG to prolong the grind. Just having a lower chance of getting loot would've been better than TF, regretting its removal for even a second is stupid as hell.
    I agree and disagree. Cleansing it means you have to deal with just a normal piece of gear. while some lucky fellow gets the perfect roll. At least with TF, it was still an upgrade if it was the right piece. Now, the right piece, has more variables in it, making it much harder to attain.

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    Quote Originally Posted by huth View Post

    Except for the prevalent unavoidable raid damage, which tends to be affected by avoidance. Especially on mythic, not playing mechanics properly will likely get you killed even with avoidance.

    Sorry, I play a Warlock, and I always do mechanics. Became a habit after raiding Savage in FFXIV, where if you don't do mechanics, one person can wipe the entire raid. So as a Warlock, no, the normal unavoidable damage never kills me, and never comes close. Especially with ID stacking to 50, I heal myself so much that healers in my raid know to not heal me half the time. Try again.

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    I don't even care anymore.... Bfa is dead for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Haidaes View Post
    Lol, got another one?
    Yes i did. Not only that, I got a rank 1 versatility corruption. Im not crying. its just tears leaking from my eyes

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    Quote Originally Posted by agentsi View Post
    100%, bullshit. As a warlock, or a mage, or even a hunter. You do not ever need avoidance if you're doing mechanics properly. You just don't need it. It is the worst stat imaginable.
    Have you been in Nyalotha?

    I'm 6/12. And 6 of those 6 bosses are filled to the brim with unavoidable raid wide damage. I play a druid healer so I know what that feels like and looks like.

    I can't imagine the other 6 are going to be any different.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucetia View Post
    Saw this on reddit and I'm pretty sure this person used up all of their luck.

    Holy shit

    If that dropped for my fury warrior . . . probably wet myself. Excuse me I need a lot of tissues . . .

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    Quote Originally Posted by agentsi View Post
    And this is why I unsubbed. Fucking dumb corruption gear is worse than TF in every way imaginable. Oh you're a dps caster? Here is some avoidance, and here is also some healing hear. You know, incase as a warlock, you want to drain more life.

    Retarded ass system.
    So cleanse it?

    Been like 2 weeks lol, people so salty they didn't get their bis pieces on patch day

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