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    Your favorite TV Show “ Episode” and why?

    What are your favorite TV Show “ Episodes” and why?

    Me and my fiancé listen to podcast “The Office Ladies” she got me hooked.

    Always loved “The Office” and one of my favorite episodes is “The Fight”

    My favorite all time Office Episode “Fire Drill”.

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    The Russia that is very communist, da.
    Interspecies reviewers ep.3
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    Mr Greg

    Steven Universe

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    Quote Originally Posted by CommunismWillWin View Post
    Interspecies reviewers ep.3
    I see you are a man of culture too.

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    BoJack Horseman: Free Churros. The whole episode if BoJack delivering the Eulogy at a funeral. And his monologue is equal parts hilarious and HEART-BREAKING. While BoJack has a few really amazing episodes ('Time's Arrow' 'Ruthie' 'That's Too Much, Man') I feel like Free Churo's really sums up everything I love about the show. The balance of humour and pathos, Arnet's performance, etc.
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    The Wire season 3, episode 11 titles "Middle Ground" because it contains my two favorite scenes in the entire series. The first is the opening scene between Brother Mouzone and Omar :

    Just everything about that scene is so great. Feels a bit out of place in the rest of the series, like the dialog is overly poetic, but I think it works great having it as the pre-credits scene.

    The second is the meeting between Avon and Stringer near the end of the episode. Especially rewatching it knowing what happens at the end of the episode, there is a ton subtle acting going on in that scene, it is just amazing.

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    The first episode of Twin Peaks. It was a really important piece of media in my formative years as a teen and so many of my tastes spiralled off from there. I overall would say season 1 ties with season 1 of Game of Thrones and Westworld as 3 seasons of television i consider truly perfect but i have rewatched the near 2 hour pilot of Twin Peaks on its own so many times because its basically a movie to kickstart the whole series. Its acting, music, writing and direction are like a dream, a parody of early 90's american soap operas, a horror, a detective show and more all at once and i know i'll watch it plenty of times in the future as well. Neckbeard rambling about this weeaboo trash

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    I'm about to pull a weird one on you.

    My favorite "TV Show" episode is If the Emperor Had A Text-To-Speech-Device - Episode 26 Part 1: Hateful Feud at Khaine's Gate.

    I don't watch a lot of TV if it wasn't obvious. I like the entire TTS series but the quality just keeps getting better, and episode 26 had some cool payoffs. It was lit

    ... If I were to be more conventional, it would probably be an episode from Game of Thrones, but I've blocked out that entire series from my head since season 8 so I can't remember which one I really liked. Maybe the battle of the bastards or blackwater.
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    Without a doubt I have to say Episode 15&16 of season 4 of House MD

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    Favorite Show: The Officee

    Favorite Episode . . . this will make people mad . . . Scott's Tots.

    I know it's cringey, but that's what makes it so goddamn funny.

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    Season 2 episode 13

    The season 2 finale of Hannibal pays off the potential of the entire series. Betrayals, bloodshed, death, heartbreak, and triumph all in a short hour of television. I think I was maybe halfway through when I thought that it might be the best hour of television I'd ever seen and it kept getting better.

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    Ozymandias from Breaking Bad will always be pretty memorable to me. Superb acting and intensity.

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    First episode of Robin of Sherwood (1980's version with micheal pread) The Last Arrow, and Swords of Wayland. And the first episode of Airwolf
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    Quote Originally Posted by Amaterasu65 View Post
    Ozymandias from Breaking Bad will always be pretty memorable to me. Superb acting and intensity.
    Came here expecting this. Thanks

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    Babylon 5's 'The Long Twilight Struggle'. And spoilers follow by the way, this show is over twenty five years old but I strongly advise anyone to stop reading this answer and to actually go watch the show. If you wish to read on, you've made your choice.

    The show was structured as a novel, which each season detailing a year of a five year arc.

    'The Long Twilight Struggle' was the culmination of a war that had broken out that year between two alien races within the fiction's narrative. On one side you had the post-Imperial Centauri Republic, whose fading grandeur had left their ruling classes bitter at their increasing irrelevence and dreaming of better days (when they had their boots on the necks of alien races they reduced to slavery) and on the other you had the Narn Regime, former Centauri slaves whose world had been ruined by a century of occupation and whose hatred at the Centauri had consumed them.

    The struggle was epitomised by the mutually antagonistic relationship between the characters Londo Mollari of the Centauri and the G'kar of the Narn. Unbeknownst to the galaxy at large, the Centauri (through Londo) had found a secretive patron who were clandestinely assisting them (for their own motives) in this war. At the climax of the Long Twilight Struggle, the Narn fleet has been destroyed and their homeworld left defenseless. The Centauri move in for the kill, using asteroid bombardment (extremely illegal) to bring the Narn to their knees.

    The moment is beautifully, horrifically shot and wonderfully scored as we close in on Londo, on the deck of one of the bombarding Centauri vessels, observing the horror he has wrought as millions die beneath the hammer blows of the Centauri weapons and letting us all see just how mortified he is at his own personal responsibility. If you watch carefully, as one of the other ships passes overhead, Londo symbolically falls into shadow.

    The next scene though is one of my favorites in all of television. A lot of the acting in Babylon 5 was hokey, but Peter Jurasik who played Londo and Andreas Katsulas who played G'kar were in a class of their own.

    Any personal horror that Londo feels is buried behind the needs of his role here, as he details to what is essentially the galactic United Nations the terms of the surrender of the Narn Regime. The dissolution of their state, a state they founded merely fifty years ago after driving the Centauri off the first time, it's reconstitution as a 'protectorate' of the Centauri Republic (i.e a colonial source of slave labour and exploitation) and the draconian penalty of five hundred Narn deaths for the murder of any Centauri by any Narn. G'kar, who fought in the war against the Centauri fifty years ago, has to suffer the humiliation in silence but in the end gives an incredibly powerful, dignified speech that can speak to many people whose histories have involved periods of cruel foreign domination and showcases the power of science fiction as allegory.

    It is my favourite episode of this show and it still stands up twenty five years after it was first broadcast.
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    Heart of ice from Batman the animated series.

    Measure of a Man from TNG

    Fool for Love from Buffy

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    Probably "Who goes there?" which is the fourth episode from the first season of True Detective. If you haven't seen the show, you should watch it right now (season 1 that is).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amaterasu65 View Post
    Ozymandias from Breaking Bad will always be pretty memorable to me. Superb acting and intensity.
    Crawl Space is GOAT

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    Hush from Buffy


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    Having watched all of Game of Thrones, it's difficult for me to pick a favourite one. Ultimately I'd have to go with 3x04 "And Now His Watch Is Ended", just for that final scene with Daenerys outside of Astapor. It was perfect and very hype at the time:

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