As the title states I am a 450 Fire Mage LF AOTC/Mythic Progression & Mythic+

I typically do AOTC and some mythic but lately wanting to see more mythic content. I do what I can to consistently research and improve with my mage and keep a goal in mind with gearing/progression related.

Ive had a slow start this tier due to a vacation the first week with my family to Disney and a sick toddler since returning but it wont take me long to catch up.

I am looking for an 18+ raid team to cross realm AOTC with and possibly xfer for mythic assuming it's a good fit. Id like to find a guild to progress at a reasonable rate with. I am not interested in faction changing however if the offer is sweet enough I may be swayed. I am also looking for a raid team that is active in mythic+ and pushing keys.

I am available to raid any day of the week however I would like to keep my Saturdays open if possible and ideally would like to have a Fri/Sun raid night. I am available to raid 8/8:30-11/11:30 pm EST.

Attendance shouldn't be an issue but please keep in mind I am a SAHM with a toddler and weekdays pretty much a single parent due to my husbands work hours and she has priority. However, shes pretty well behaved so doesn't interfere with my raid hours often.

I come to raid prepared with consumables and a good idea of content from videos. However I am the type of learner where I need to experience the situation to fully understand.



Discord: Murdertramp#1945 Btag: Murdertramp#1435

Thank you!