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    What if HS will be on VR?

    What are you thinking about that?

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    Sounds like a horrible idea.

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    Use a VR app on your phone, stick it in one of those silly cardboard headpieces and voila! VR Hearthstone...

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    Meh ... You have a table with some cards on it, what would VR do for it exactly?

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    It would be a waste of money. There isn't that much intersting going on there. You just see the table and cards being played. There's not much VR can improve for that experience.

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    I read these *snipping advertisement* and i could be imagining things.
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    If they made the cards come to life like Yu-Gi-Oh... maybe.
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    100:1 odds that he wont
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    Okay. I'll stop sharing my views.

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    I play HS on a huge movie theatre screen in BigScreen. Pretty awesome doing it that way.

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