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    skinning and mining for me

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gatto View Post
    Alchemy + Blacksmithing provided me some extra easy gold.
    I was thinking about gathering vs crafting professions, but without taking a combination of gathering and crafting version that use the gathering, isnt it kinda bad? I always took the gathering prof to help my crafting (e.g. herbalism+alchemy). If you have to buy it all the material for both of your professions, isnt it too annoying and even expensive at the expansion start?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nikeyla View Post
    If you have to buy it all the material for both of your professions, isnt it too annoying and even expensive at the expansion start?
    You buy the new stuff with gold made last expansion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Twdft View Post
    You buy the new stuff with gold made last expansion.
    Well, I guess I need to figure out another way because I never managed to get back to being "rich" after I got hacked few years ago and lost everything.

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    I think providing online services on the internet is my favorite as a profession. you can easily do your work anywhere else from your comfort.

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    It depends on your Server.

    Alchemy has always been a stable gold maker for me every expac, but not in BFA having transferred servers. Same as the OP, my Flasks & Pots were undercut almost immediately after being posted. It's possible I was up against AH bots, although some people do camp the AH all day.

    In the end I stopped bothering I simply kept Alchemy for raiding. I've focused on Raw Gold in BFA, and while I wont be buying a Long Boi or Spider Mount, I still make enough to pay for my monthly sub.
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    Quote Originally Posted by javierdsv View Post
    Selling raw herbs and ores, and flasks might be the only constant way of getting some money throughout the expansions.

    Ion quitting is the only way of making professions profitable again mate.
    Not true. Every profession except Alchemy (dependent on server*) can make huge gold without farming. You just need some small capital to start off (50k-100k).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sevaara View Post
    Not true. Every profession except Alchemy (dependent on server*) can make huge gold without farming. You just need some small capital to start off (50k-100k).
    Haven't tried that hard to make it work, but to me, BFA Enchanting just feels so much weaker than it historically has been for making gold.

    Every expansion from WotLK to Legion, I have been passively making a lot of gold from just selling the most expensive enchants with leftover mats. Made a couple of hundred K at the launch of BFA by rushing max Enchanting and selling high tier enchants, but the prices of (both) raw mats and finished enchants just dropped like a sack extremely quickly. There have been many times in BFA where vendoring gear have been more profitable than DEing it. In comparison, everybody who had Herbalism and didn't use flasks/pots could easily make 20M gold in the first couple of months of BFA.

    I did eventually make a Herb alt myself aswell, and made a shitton of gold by just selling herbs for the ridiculous blood prices they were going for during the first 6 months of BFA, but I never made any profit, as I was spending all that gold buying the equally overpriced Flasks/Pots I needed for raiding. It was the same shit in early Legion, although the Herb/Consume prices dropped a lot faster in Legion than they did in BFA (because of the Blood of Sargeras vendor I guess).
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    Any business can be profitable. You need to set goals and achieve them correctly. I have a small site on which I offer services. Over time, I plan to expand and create new parallel projects.
    You should always start small and expand over time.

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    Herbalist was always a good way to make some gold back in the day. I try to mix and match professions to try and maximize my gold output.

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    Depends mostly on how the expansion pans out to be and what moment you're playing.

    Herb/Alch has always been a safe bet. Consumables are always required though later through the expansion it tends to drop in value as more people roll alts, farm or stop playing. Usually really good at the beginning but heavy competition from bots and AHlords. Crafting professions are a hit and miss: if you can make out something really worth and with high demand (like the golem mount at the time), you're gonna rake lots of money. Otherwise, they're usually under herb/alchemy.

    Other notes:
    - going herb/mining always nets you money as you only sell stuff, but farming takes time and it's objectively boring. Not always the most profitable.
    - enchanting is a strange beast as enchants are needed but mats are either scarce or super common, so it may be good or not.

    Personally, i'm just going with raw farming right now. It's consistent, doesn't require any preparation or very little one, is not subject to market. Not the best way to make gold but it's super reliable.

    In the end it's all about what's your goal. Do you want the longboi or just buy a token per month? Do you need to fuel your main for raiding? Depending on this, you may find the setup that best suits your needs.
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    Herb + alchemy is the best combo. You're literally selling drugs. When was selling drugs not a good idea for making money?

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    This expansion I found fishing, herbalism and alchemy very profitable on my server.

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    I would always suggest that one go for a herbalist to make a lot of money but I have been away from the game for too long that I don't know the current trends in the meta right now. So everything is up in the air. But for me I would go for a herbalist. I know where the good mats are and I can usually make decent coin when making potions.

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    There can never be much money. Well, unless you are Elon Musk. Especially in force majeure situations. When neighbors flooded my apartment, I decided to take payday loans online in Georgia. It was far from the salary and without a refrigerator, washing machine and other equipment, I would not have survived. It's good when you are rescued in a difficult situation.
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    so, to my mind...
    engineering and alchemy -definitely
    also possible herbalism, but it's difficult (as for me)
    cooking? I think yes

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    Finance is how you make real money these days.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Venvuki View Post
    What is, in your opinion, the best way to make money on professions?
    I've tried herb gathering + alchemy, however, every time I post on the AH I am being undercut within minutes ... Any suggestions / ideas as to how we can make professions profitable again?
    First thing you need to do is to determine when your products are most needed. In case of flasks and potions they most likely sell best and for most profit on wednesday when there is a reset (I'm assuming you play on the EU servers). Other good days are probably sunday/monday and to a lesser extend thursday and tuesday. I never put on flasks or potions on fridays or saturdays, and if I were I'd not put many on as they're less likely to sell.

    Regarding herbs I gather my herbs over the week and put them up tuesday evening/night. They sell for most wednesday morning on my server, and probably on most other EU servers, but I can't speak for US servers.

    Quite simple: Sell your products when the demand is on the highest. It all makes sense when you think about it
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    professions for making money

    there are many professions online from people earning very much bucks. you should research online and get some skills for any of the service then you can earn from different freelancing platforms.

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    When I opened my small business, I realized that this is exactly what I want to do and only develop it, since normal money went and everything went very well, but then a pandemic and strict quarantine came, the profit fell by 2 times, so that to support my business, and then I had to take loans, I applied for an application using this site, because I really did not want to lose it. Therefore, whatever the job, you need to be prepared for all the difficulties that may overtake you.
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