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    WOD was good when it launched. The problem with WOD is that it was abandoned 1/3 of the way through, thus it felt like a scam. IF it hadn't just had 1 patch (that was relatively inconsequential except for 1 zone that had already been in beta, and a raid), and had had as many updates as BFA had? WOD would've wiped the floor with it.

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    I enjoyed playing WOD, i was subscribed for like 80% of the time.
    It was the most flawed expansion (before BFA came out) but i genuinely had fun in WOD. and meeting those old war1/war2 characters was neat.

    BFA is just dead on arrival.
    Classes are so boring that it makes ANY type of content a dull job.
    Island Expeditions and Warfronts are boring and pointless.
    Story is utter nonsense and its just boring AF... even blizzard jumped ship on the last NZoth patch and went to work on Shadowlands instead.
    There is no significant max level solo/quest content (especially compared to legion).

    You can not butcher classes in an RPG and expect it to be fine.
    RPGs are about characters role playing in a world...
    BfA = second worst product ever made by Blizzard.
    War3 Reforged took the title for worst product.

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    Classes in WoD were NOT deeper. MoP hilariously dumbed down classes and WoD took it a step further. Classes have been the same since then, besides a couple lackluster reworks here and there for too few specs.

    Though I do agree that WoD was much more polished. All it needed was a reason to play it. At no point during WoD's runcycle did I ever feel insulted and disrespected like BFA has.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nak88 View Post
    WoD was way better than BfA.

    Classes were much interesting to play with way larger action bars/icons/skills and raids were amazing, especially BRF. In addition, garrisons were much more interesting than the shit we have on BfA.
    Not sure if serious. WoD was the worst expansion by far and nothing else comes close. The zones and raids were nice, but that was all it had going for it. Garrisons were extremely terrible and secluded the player-base. You could have a bank, auctioneer, mailbox, herb garden, mine, and transmoger. Ashran was also dogshit, and the only BG I insta leave. It’s sad when the only content outside raid was sending out garrison missions and camping Poundfist.

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    The gold mission on multiple character was the only good thing

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    Wod had great raids, at least for the few we got. Gameplay was also fine, the prune had already begun so it was a step down from mop but it was still fun then. But if you weren't in a healthy raiding guild or pvp community i have no idea why you would be playing wod, there was nothing worth doing other than endgame content.

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    BFA's flaws are numerous, but at least the endgame didn't boil down to a menu-clicker minigame that takes 10-15 minutes per alt, a second menu-clicker minigame that takes an additional 10-15 minutes per alt, and an hour spent farming nodes at home base (for all alts combined) for professions, then log in once a week for raid night. BFA's biggest problems are FOMO-based marketing tactics, overreliance on Azerite as a post-cap progression system, shoddy class design, and an overreliance on randomized systems that the class design mixes into an unfun core gameplay loop. WoD took an unfun core gameplay loop from shoddy class design, a reliance on treasure hunts and mob grinding less dynamic than Timbermaw Hold, and an overreliance on Garrisons and bundled it all together with total abandonment two patches in.
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    WoD is my 2nd favorite expac so yeah its better than BFA
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    Quote Originally Posted by ano2024 View Post
    The problem with WoD is that it had little content. But the content it did have was miles better than the anti-fun shit in BfA that feels soulless and with the sole purpose of increasing /played time metrics.

    Off the top of my head, WoD was better because:

    The classes were better in WoD. Both how they felt to play and how deep they were, and how different they were from one another. Now we have standardized trash that feels the same. With the GCD change it's even more annoying and tedious.

    WoW was always grindy, but even in WoD somehow the grinds felt much less tedious and they were more rewarding. In BfA they feel pointless, unrewarding and plain awful.

    Timegating was already present but it wasn't nearly as bad as it is now, with timegates within timegates on top of timegates.

    RNG wasn't as bad as it is now. RNG is straight up worse than in mobile games now. Hell, with the cancer of 8.3 and the way corrupted gear is wrapped within many layers of RNG (right tier, right effect, right slot etc...), we could say the RNG now is worse than ever.

    Even the zones and exploration had more to it. They were already pretty much soulless quest hubs back then, but now they're literally just empty worlds with good art (yeah yeah good job art team).

    The story was already a clusterfuck so I guess they're equally shitty in this department. But I do remember enjoying it more back then, but that's probably just me being jaded by now.

    And the so-called "content" that BfA has is shit. Island expeditions, warfronts etc... are just shit, pure shit, it's not even subjective, they're not fun or worth doing. It feels like they learned from WoD that they need to add content, but this company is so incompetent it doesn't actually know what good content is.
    Oh's ANOTHER wod thread. There are people with mixed opinions. It's an expac by expac basis. I know people that hated Mop and those that loved it. Or wrath..cata..etc. We all have different opinions. I thought wod was alright, while the gear models from raids were awesome. You mention bfa. I have friends that think IE's are a good addition to the game, while you also read about people that find it shit and think it's a waste. The topic of WoD has been ongoing since live and still goes on.
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    WoD had the better classes and itemization. BFA has more to do though.

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    WoD was bad, and they just gave up almost immediately.
    BFA was bad, and they kept adding more content to it that was still pretty bad and never really fixed much. So at least you had more to do if you didn't just quit. They tried and failed.

    WoD = "Eh, why bother!"
    BFA = "At least you tried."

    BFA is still way better.

    WoD = uncooked McDonalds Double cheeseburger with a chunk bitten off of it
    BFA = two pristine freshly cooked McDonalds double cheeseburgers

    Neither is good for you, but at least the second one probably isn't going to make you sick.

    (Legion = a Big Mac, WOTLK = gourmet burger, MoP = a gourmet burger discounted so people of all incomes can afford it, BC = a home grilled burger, and classic = store in which you buy supplies to prepare to grill your own burger. Cata = lukewarm McDonalds Double cheeseburger)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Trumpcat View Post
    Short answer: no.

    Long answer: not in any way except for class design.
    AKA the aspect that matters beyond basically everything else.

    what the hell does it matter if you have things to do when going out to do them makes instantly feel like logging out because your class plays like shit? even when "your class" is every class in the game.

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    don't you fuckers feel stuck in a loop commenting on the same type of threads again and again? useless skidmark of a thread but these forums are so dead the mods just ignore it to have some activity?

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    Quote Originally Posted by unlockedz View Post
    don't you fuckers feel stuck in a loop commenting on the same type of threads again and again? useless skidmark of a thread but these forums are so dead the mods just ignore it to have some activity?
    [Uno Reverse Card]

    If you cannot see the glaring irony in your comment, i really dont know what to say to you. Although, i suspect you are just going for a bit of outrage, so best of luck.

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    Hard to say. WoD had no content besides raids, but good classes (no where near MoP classes though in most cases). BfA classes almost singlehandedly ruin the entire expansion, while M+ is great aswell as raids and some off content. A big negative for BfA is also the Alt-char unfriendliness with the shitty rep grinds. Horrible.
    Kind of ironic, i wouldve never thought that MoP would be the best expansion by far even though i played it rather little... kind of sad.

    The ideal expansion would be Wotlk story/theme/atmosphere, MoP classes, Legion content (professions, class hall, WQs, etc.) and a mix of all raids (since they were all quite good since wotlk/cata imho. Ideally id have Ulduar style of raid though, such a good atmosphere and design.

    Imagine if Wotlk had all these, what an expansion it wouldve been.

    In addition to MoPs class design i guess Legendaries would be fine if they were obtainable in a reasonable way. Not rngesus.

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    WoD class design was better (on classes I played) and raid design was at least as good. I don't care about anything else so it was better for me. This is the first M+ season I've ever liked though so maybe that can carry BFA for me

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    It's such a split opinion because there are people that don't mind raid logging, then there are people that want other things to do outside of raids.

    In BFA it feels like you're forced to do awful content if you want your character to be as powerful as possible. M+ is cool, but an entire expansion of the same 5 mans, no thanks.

    Both expansions have good raids, if I had to pick one to play now, I'd choose WoD, simply because the content outside of raids in BFA is awful (besides M+ for the first couple of months).

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    Quote Originally Posted by derpkitteh View Post
    AKA the aspect that matters beyond basically everything else.

    what the hell does it matter if you have things to do when going out to do them makes instantly feel like logging out because your class plays like shit? even when "your class" is every class in the game.
    That is true, yet my guild and I quite enjoy running M+, raids and visions, as well as other less liked farm things like sad expeditions and sadfronts. There is activity every evening and lore is often discussed. Whereas in WoD with its fun classes nothing was happening, nothing to do or even talk about.

    You can't compromise with either class design or content, it's the backbone of the game. Still WoD was an empty expansion, whereas BfA is lots of effort not all of which worked as well as everyone hoped. If you put the two side by side BfA is huge.

    Quote Originally Posted by Aleksej89 View Post
    You can not butcher classes in an RPG and expect it to be fine.
    RPGs are about characters role playing in a world...
    Indeed. While I can't agree with any notion that empty WoD was better, BfA truly demonstrated how important class design is and how it can ruin everything else, no matter how much resource went into it.
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    I like BFA more than Legion.
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    Just because of Challenge modes and the lack of M+, YES, WoD was way better.

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