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    Quote Originally Posted by Sencha View Post
    World quests are daily quests + some QoL but they are still boring repetitive daily chores to keep hamst... I mean people playing brainlessly on a daily basis.
    I get that you dislike the concept,but fact is WQ are LEAGUES better than the traditional dailies,i want to vomit in my mouth every day that i have to do uldum and vale,the same bottlenecked quests,with objects that only one person can interact with(why did they do this?other quests that are more spaced out dont have this),in a small area with everyone....

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    Overall, I still prefer BFA to WOD, but I think WODs final patch was better

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    No king rules forever, i guess that apply to wow also Ion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tekkommo View Post
    It's such a split opinion because there are people that don't mind raid logging, then there are people that want other things to do outside of raids.

    In BFA it feels like you're forced to do awful content if you want your character to be as powerful as possible. M+ is cool, but an entire expansion of the same 5 mans, no thanks.

    Both expansions have good raids, if I had to pick one to play now, I'd choose WoD, simply because the content outside of raids in BFA is awful (besides M+ for the first couple of months).
    I agree when you say the same 5 mans are annoying. I dont really raid I just m+, I really hoped blizz would adapt the idea from eso of releasing 2 dungeons every 3 months, and if they feel NO they give us 10 dungeons at launch and thats that, id rather have them give me 6 dungeons with launch and then 3 dungeons with every new raid. The dungeons could even be raid themed. Idk man.. the affixes dont do as much as someone at blizz thinks they do for running the same stuff over and over.

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    M+ Alone makes BfA a far better product. Challenge mode, while fun, does not offer the same level of replayability as mythic plus does. Not to mention islands, warfronts, and the war campaign. Even if you hate all of those features, its still better than the nothing we got in WoD.

    I personally am excited to see what they are able to do with the random generation tech they used for Islands. Islands themselves were not the pinnacle of fun but i'm just thinking about potential ways they could possibly reuse the tech later on. Perhaps we will see in Torghast?

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    Quote Originally Posted by carlos9949 View Post
    No king rules forever, i guess that apply to wow also Ion.
    First it was Ghostcrawler. Then it was Celestalon/Holinka. Now its Ion. Next will be _________'s Fault!

    You people are clueless.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boiled-Lobster View Post
    Sorry, but my statement has nothing to do with being small minded, simply telling others that if they feel the game is bad, it's better to stop instead of spreading your negative opinion with hope to receive "likes"

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    Also this;

    Letting blizzard know what the state of the game feels like, or what aspect you do not favor works better by creating a sticky thread instead of dozens that ironically mostly only exist out of;

    " this game is bad but I don't know how to explain what is bad or how to make it better "
    I agree, if someone feels the game is bad, then they should quit.

    However, this is not the case for most people in here. They play WoW because they like the game, but they feel that certain elements of the game are bad. And a lot of people are very specific in detailing exactly which elements they don't like and why they don't like them. So to tell these people that they just need to stop play the game that they love, is just disrespectful.

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    I am a total filthy casual so take this with a grain of salt. I preferred WOD. I had alot more fun playing in WOD and played every day. Now I'll go for days at a time because I feel everything is such a grind in BFA. It was alot more fun when I wanted to play alts in WOD. With the corrupted gear and cape, my alts are basically unplayable unless I invest alot of time in each of them. I personally loved my garrison (Alliance garrison, Horde one not so much) and even had fun in Trashran. I also preferred the WOD raids, but got burned out during the Hellfire drought.

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    WoD had truely amazing raids. I still cringe thinking about that train dungeon though... that camera snapping.

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    WOD was the last expansion for me that had good class design. The only class and spec I did not like in WOD was arms warrior. Arms warriors may have done good dps in WOD but the spec was really boring to play. The rest of the classes, I really enjoyed. If legion had WOD's class design except for arms warrior, it would be my all-time favorite expansion. I love the questing zones, dungeons, and raids in legion but the class design was really boring to play.

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