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    <Exile> Fairbanks 5pm-8pm PST looking for select raiders.

    Guild Name: Exile

    Guild Type: Semi-Hardcore / PVE + PVP. 10/10 MC + 2 Onyxia Raids on raid day.

    About Us: Exile is a group of players who haven’t played together for years on private servers; we met each other on our individual journeys through Classic WoW on Fairbanks Alliance. Many of us have experienced guilds that have tight-knit inner-circles, built-up cliques, and those types of guilds are tough to break into the inner-circle - it makes it a chore to try and get involved, and become a part of a team. Quit sitting on the bench, and join a team of players who want you to be a part of the experience. Be a part of a growing community, today.

    <Exile> brings consistent, friendly, and accessible raids to players wanting to build a community together. Our goal is to clear all content and give people a place to call home for classic. We clear MC in about an hour and are aiming for higher than that. We always keep improving and will push in clearing content efficiently and effectively. - if this sounds like something you're interested in, don't hesitate to contact us!

    Loot: We are a loot council guild comprised of Officers with class lead input. Your performance, contributions to the guild, and preparedness will contribute to you receiving loot.

    Raid Times: We currently raid on Tuesday and Thursday from 5PM - 8PM Server Time.

    Requirements: Level 60. Sound mechanics and consistently attend raids.

    Looking For:

    * Mages - High
    * Paladins - Closed
    * Resto Druid - Medium
    * Priests - High
    * Warriors - Medium (Fury only)
    * Warlocks - Closed
    * Hunters - Closed
    * Rogues - Medium

    Exceptions can be made for the right people.

    Please contact Spot, Berzerk or an officer online to schedule a chat in discord.
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