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    Dungeon cap accountwide?

    Farming the "Love is in the Air" event boss I just ran into the 10 dungeons per hour cap.

    Wasn't that character specific instead of accountwide in the past? Am I just wrong or was that changed (or is it just another 8.3 quirk like the event boss itself whose debuffs seem to absolutely go crazy no matter where you stand).

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    Always been account-wide since it was introduced.
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    Okay, weird. Then Mandela must have struck me.

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    Theoretically it is account wide, although I can say for that current event that when I reach the dungeon cap on my horde characters I can switch to my alliance chars on another server and no longer run into this issue, and then when they are finished switch back to my remaining horde chars.
    So it's faction or server account wide.

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    Most likely it's per server cap.

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    It is, indeed, account wide. No more then 10 instances per hour per account. Do note that it used to be 5 instances per hour.
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