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    WoW Classic News

    From a business aspect, I think MMO-C is doing themselves a great disservice by not including much WoW-Classic news on the front page. A extremely large percentage of the WoW player base is playing Classic, so increasing traffic from that population to your website would mean increased revenue. I understand that not a lot of WoW-Classic is considered "news" since it is, fundamentally, an old game. However, things such as in-game events, hotfixes, stealth-fixes, world "firsts," etc. would make a great addition to the front page.

    For example, last week was the first week some players reached Rank 14. That is the lengthiest and most dedicated achievement to obtain in all of WoW, yet not a peep from MMO-C on this news. Or another example is that Blizzard stealth-patched premade AV out of the game (once again) 6 days ago without any mention of it in patch notes. These are really large things occuring in classic that MMO-C has not covered, not to mention that all of the "holiday" events that have gone uncovered for classic as well.

    Just find it odd that MMO-C doesn't want the ad revenue for what is an enormous portion of the WoW player base.

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    What news are there? It's a 15 year-old game.

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    News of what? What news can you get for Classic that's perpetually forever lacking new content ??

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    I agree with you OP, I play both versions and all these stealth fixes would be nice to know, like the wrapping paper nerf so you cannot sell wrapped gifts anymore and sell them cross faction (which is stupid) but ya I would like to know.
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    Personally it was one of my greatest irritations on Wowhead when they did not filter out Classic news on their front page. So hard pass from me unless they post on a separate site where I don't have to see it.

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    The only news is that BWL is out what..tomorrow? I forget.
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    I'm still surprised this is chugging along. But as far as I know, there isn't any news? Everything that's been done has been done. There's no surprises.

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    Just go to the Classic Reddit page. All the news (filter through good and bad memes) and none of the hate.

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    Hmmm..yes and no.

    I think Apes clearing MC was on the news. So might be the first to clear BWL.

    Maybe they put the release of BWL on the news when it happens.

    As for the rank 14 guy....meh...do they announce who wins the current arena seasons?

    All in all I don't care either way, but as others said...there isn't much news and you can probably get the info in the Classic subforum.

    As for the ad revenue...to me falls into the usual "don't tell ppl how to run their site" - but again whatever...currently 3300 ppl are online of which 2900 are unregistered guests. Not a lot either way

    But hey....ppl told the owners that they had to include Aion, Warhammer and Age of Conan into the news and forums, because those games would pwn and kill WoW...so what do I know?

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    We had a long ass period of time where the site posted Ghostcrawler tweets that weren't even all about WoW. I don't see why they couldn't post some Classic WoW news, especially considering that it is both WoW aswell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by det View Post
    Maybe they put the release of BWL on the news when it happens.
    Oh look, they did just now ^^

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    I wish we could get old news from 2004 too
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