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    I stopped raiding in early BfA (BoD) for these reasons:

    - No master loot, everything personal killed many guilds

    - No tier sets, azerite armor killed Retail

    - Too much RNG, titanforging and now corruption

    - catch up on every patch, making it useless everything you earned on previous mythic raids

    So if they don't make huge changes in Shadowlands, I won't even try. I'm too busy having fun in Classic atm.

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    Terrible class design, RNG, treadmill. It eats your life away. I loved it when you got currency to go ta vendor and plan how to build your char.

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    - Started to feel old late 20s
    - realized wtf am I doing with my life
    - organized raiding felt like a part time job where i dont get paid
    - chicks don't think its cool
    - felt like a closet loser/gamer playing wow at my age
    - existential crisis
    - quit wow
    - came back throughout the years as a casual normie still felt like a loser playing wow
    - post on mmo to feel better about life
    - quit wow again
    - still watch other people stream it to remember the good ole days
    - cri myself to sleep at night

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    I raided in a serious way from vanilla through early-mid Cataclysm. I stopped in Cataclysm because the Heroic Raids were a lot more demanding than WotLK and half the people I played with could no longer hack it. In part this was the guild master's fault. He didn't want an A team and a B team. We had enough good players to easily do Heroic 10s, but unfortunately we had like 13 good players, and instead of making 3 slum it and not get to do Heroic, he tried to split us and fill in with mediocre or bad players (who were mostly lovely people).

    It was painful AF, though I see his dilemma.

    Skipped most of MoP. Did a bit of LFR in WoD but and a couple of normal PUG Raids, but they were unexciting. Legion and BfA only done LFR stuff because I can't find a guild which is full of nice people who raid at a sane time of day, even though flex sounds good. Also I prefer to play tank and good luck finding a guild with spots for tanks. Inevitably they have two, albeit its totally random whether they're any good.

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    I stopped raiding 2 weeks into Highmaul tier back in WoD because of IRL demands, mainly my work timings not going well with my guild's raid schedule. I did however return for the HFC tier when my work timings had changed, for a brief moment at least, before I had to quit again at mythic mannoroth - thanks to work again.
    I came back proper in legion and raided all tiers, even though i only got CE xavius (which really wasn't a worthy CE given how easy the raid as a whole was, even with an average raid group). I did like 7/10 M NH at which point i decided to take another break because the guild I was in disbanded. I rejoined the guild I raided mythic HFC with for Tomb, but, my luck being what it was, even they stopped raiding at mythic mistress xD so heck, i took another break. This time I only returned for Argus patch for a couple months and raided with pugs, got 3 down on mythic and called it a tier.
    I took another break in Uldir after week 1, only returning 2 weeks before the next patch was due so I could get AOTC g'huun and peace out again. Entirely skipped BoDA tier, only have 1 boss kill credited to my name from that raid to date :P Semi-returned for Eternal Palace, decided to raid lead a casual alliance guild, and secretly got curve on my horde mage while at it xD
    And now 8.3, was raid leading on alliance again but decided to call it quits with that because recruitment wasn't happening and I didn't wanna deal with pugs on a weekly basis for planned guild events. I might go ahead and finally apply to a semi-hardcore guild again after all this time given how long we have till shadowlands is out.

    While Highmaul/BRF and BoDA are the only tiers I technically "stopped" raiding on, in reality I stopped raiding for real (mythic mode) post Tomb of Sargeras. Ever since then I've just been lingering around casually until I can find a proper guild I can call home again.
    I guess you could say I stopped raiding or at least took chunky breaks mostly due to IRL stuff and not being able to find a stable guild to raid with given the class(es) I play.

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    I stopped raiding (and quit wow)now in BFA for the first time since i start playing in tbc. I had always enjoyed raiding and i had made a normal "scale to rank" as a player, first from player to raider, then raid helper, raid tactics explainer, vice raid leader, raid leader of farm groups, main raid leader and for some time gm of some guilds from social to soft hc.
    I decide to quit because i can't stand anymore the player and their egocentric and selfish characters....what i hate the most in game and real life is when ppl overvalue themself. I'm not a hc player or a super demigod but in one thing i can call myself very good, and is tell if someone is good or bad as a player and why. So during bfa i set my standard raid as social guild. My standard raid group was 25-30ppl. The main goal of the raid was finish normal, farm it for at least 4 full clean, then pass to hc, again 4 full clean then mythic. What driver me crazy was the classic 5-7 ppl that think they are skilled after 1 normal clean and try to force me not take other less skilled player for the sake of progress and wanted to make 2 raid groups, 1 of pusher and 1 of farm. I tell them that a raid of 10-14 ppl that push is usless on the long objective of mythic cause you need 20+ player equiped for it. They keep arguing, and when i tell them the reality that half of them was not good but simply overequipped and with 2-3 time the played time as the other they fell offended, i told them that ilvl and /played don't make you a better player, so they gquit. but this time the rest of the player instead of feeling considered and respected they all pointed me as the one that fail the raid group and quit to following the other....end of story of 30player 5 got a fixed raid spot 15 was set in farming group and the other quit wow..... this was the first time since tbc that i wasn't able to finish a raid as raidleader. so i quit wow.

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