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    I'm simply too old to spare enough time.

    First off, I now have a kid, wife and job to look after.
    Secondly, there are better things to do than mindless repetitive "content" almost every single day of the week.

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    I stopped doing "mythic" (I think it was called heroic then) after MOP. Had a lot of fun, but 100+ attempts on bosses with consumables was getting old.

    I stopped doing "heroic" (the new version) after Legion. Did most of the raids, but even that got annoying. My guild was long dead by this point so I was basically pugging through the group finder, and it was inconsistent.

    I stopped raiding altogether during BFA. The first raid was garbage, the bosses had stupid mechanics, and it just wasn't worth the effort since M+ was easier to get groups for, easier to complete, and gave equal or better gear. I tried the second raid and that was it. I think I did half of the third raid on LFR, and haven't set foot in the new one.

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    I don't have the time to commit to 4-5 day schedule and anything less just seems like a waste of time.

    Besides - all the power you gain in 1 tier now you lose directly at the start of the next one. So what's the point of killing bausses and getting lewts.

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    I stopped because i can do everything on LFR mode and other types of content instead imho are the real winners here!Also i can get normal raid gear up to heroic raid gear just by doing weekly events so it just seems very pointless when i can get it all and the whole dam cake with ease doing it this way!
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    My guild fell apart at the start of MoP as the grind of doing 200,000 dailies to get ready was too much for half our members.

    I've never felt the urge to seriously raid again, a few pugs here and there but I raided to spend time with friends doing something we enjoyed rather than play with drama.

    That and I guess I'm older now

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    Main reason is that it's just too time consuming and will feel exhausting after a certain point and then the secondary reason is that I lost interest at some points.
    The other reason is that nowadays you can progress your character by doing M+, Rated PVP and some heroic raiding, without commiting to raiding schedule.

    First time I stopped was towards the end of WotLK after raiding 5 days a week in BC and WotLK. I was in high school and college at that time so it was all ok. The reason I stopped is that the guild died eventually, and we were also a guild with multiple realm firsts. Rerolled and started raiding again in Firelands with the same schedule and cleared heroic.

    Second time I stopped was right before Dragon Soul. At that time I stopped playing WoW completely for a few months, just did not enjoy it anymore. Then MoP came, in which I disliked the theme a lot and did not raid at all during it. Started raiding again in early WoD, this time I had a job and was also in my final year for the master's degree.

    Third time I stopped was in BRF as we working on mythic with only Iron Maidens and Blakhand to go. This time we were raiding 3 days a week instead of 5 and once again the guild started to fall apart, a merge was attempted (weird enough the merge was with the guild that I raided with in Firelands, but it did not work out). After it did not work, the people who were left decided to transfer off and I decided not to and once again stop (was already feeling exhausting to come home from work, grab dinner then raid till 23-00).

    Final attempt was with classic. Since in classic you don't have any other options with regards to progressing your character, I started raiding with a guild, 2 days a week. This time I'm engaged and have been living with my gf for the past 2-3 years. While it was awkward enough to plainly ignore her almost completely for 3-4 hours, I stuck with it for 2 months after which I dropped classic completely because I ended up raidlogging already.

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    I raided 3-4 times per week between 2008-2015. I always considered myself a die-hard progression raider, but throughout Hellfire Citadel my motivation waned, I was spending so much time on it that I didnt feel like I had time to play other games, often had to say no to invitations because of raiding days. I decided it was enough and quit progression raiding after my then guild disbanded on Archimonde mythic progression, losing too many members to continue.

    I have dabbled a bit in 1 day raiding guilds with old friends since then, but nothing lasted. I have gotten so much more freetime after I did that and havent really missed raiding since, that time period is something where I definitely had fun, but its not something I miss enough considering what I have gained in its place.
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    Mostly because i dont want to commit time. Even for LFR. I can to better things in that time window or play better games.

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    Raided from WoW launch to middle of Legion, clearing some Mythic, and just came to the conclusion of...well...."Why?".

    It is the epitome of fruitlessness to me. You will have everything you have done replaced within a few months, no one beyond a few nerds cares about the *success* you have done, and I felt there are genuinely better ways to spend my time. It is nothing more to me, than a way for unfulfilled people to feel some sense of achievement, and I realised then how kind of dangerous it was to me in growth terms

    I thought there has to be better usages of this time. And no, this isn't a critique of gaming as a hobby, far from it. You can play games with friends, few hours here and there multiplayer and such, but they have an *end*.
    WoW doesn't, and raiding is designed as such, and in the end, to me, it was just utterly, utterly pointless.

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    I stopped seriously raiding around WotLK launch because, having gotten stuck in a t4 feeder guild, it just wasn't worth the time investment, headaches, or frustration with having to constantly regear and reattune new recruits only for the tanks and healers to get poached by a t5 or t6 guild replacing burnouts and ragequits. In WotLK, I stuck to dungeons and occasionally pugged into a friend's raid group once the raid was on farm, and I largely skipped Cata raiding until LFR (I did funruns with a few friends in MoP just to see what the Cata raids were like).
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    I started raiding in patch 4.3, clearing all raids on the hardest difficulty up to HFC. I stopped raiding in Legion to focus on real life stuff, and then briefly attempted to play again in BFA but my guild(s) died and I then moved abroad. Safe to say that I miss it a lot!

    Currently living in the UK and won't be back in Australia for a while, so if I do ever raid again it'll be during Shadowlands.

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    My guild sort of went their separate ways after Cata and I never really bothered to try and get into another guild seriously.
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    My raid experience was exploited by a family who wanted to learn to raid. When we got them advanced, thinking they were friends, they simply left and broke the guild. They had used fake names the whole time, used people to get what they wanted, and then moved on. Found out they did it to a lot of people. Kind of broke my spirit in game. Play mostly solo now (if playing. Not currently. BFA is a dumpster fire).

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    Basically, once I started working full-time, I just fell out of the game. I couldn't stay up until midnight two nights through the week anymore,and it just didn't feel rewarding enough to justify taking up weekends either.

    I would say another big part, though, was the lack of cool rewards. The last time I fully invested in raiding, I was going after the Fangs of the Father, and there was always a lot of hype around getting a Legendary item. For some reason, Blizzard decided to stop making Legendary items in that vein, and I think that has killed a *LOT* of the excitement behind raiding. Maybe the art team is just exhausted, or there aren't any cool designs they haven't already made, but even beyond their stats, I just don't feel like there's been a lot of cool weapons/armor in YEARS to really chase. Even in Legion, most of the Artifact appearances were mostly solo ventures. Which I enjoyed, mind you, but raiding itself just stopped feeling rewarding.

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    I have raided at many levels from 3 times a week in vanilla (with an 8 hour sunday), all the way to 5 nights a week in Cata, back down to 2 nights a week through legion. I stopped regularly raiding when my guild grew big enough that we support 7+ active dedicated raid teams and two alt/open nights. I decided to stop treating it like a job with a fixed schedule. I love raiding with people but it gets monotonous when you do it every week for weeks at a time. I now only run with the open nights. These raids will eventually full clear Heroic as they always do, but not at the same pace as our raid teams, and likely won't see much mythic (we have 3 teams for that), which i am okay with.
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    Ah man, always enjoyed raiding. Did it ever since BC. But in Cata I decided I was gonna take it to the next step, so I joined up with this super serious very fun guild, and we took things to another lvl. When we stopped raiding in MoP, we we're rank 19 in the world. Playing 7 days a week 15 hours a day....that's a bit, wouldn't mind doing it again but...I dunno, people went their own way and the guild split up so, got no one to play with anymore so just taking a casual approach to the game atm. I miss it though, lots of fun.

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    I loved raiding in WoW. I stopped playing in MoP when dailies were way too much of a koob and basically i had less free time. Though i returned by the last patch and played all expansions up to BfA.

    I stopped playing WoD because raids were fine but that was it and and garrison was horseshit. I regret not having abused of it to rake as much gold as possible to buy tokens with.

    I returned for Legion but it was ultracasual and i didn't like to pug. Again, i farmed like 8 tokens in the span of a month and i could have farmed more.

    Returned for BfA, found a new guild and things were good, but Azerite and M+ and this and that and even less time. And also itemization all over the place that makes me mad. Why the fuck should i run M+ to get better gear than raids. I'm fine with parallel progression, but that's not it.

    Don't plan to return anymore since Shadowlands looks MEH.
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    Not interested in COMMITTING time to play video games after my RL friends stopped raiding back in WotLK. I joined a random guild for some normal/heroic raiding during WoD, but to be honest I just have no desire to schedule time to participate in the never ending gear treadmill that is raiding. Sure, the mechanics might change here and there, but 99% of the 15 years of raiding involves just standing in place, pressing the same abilities, and occasionally getting a piece of loot that will be replaces in less than 12 months. It's just not worth my time commitment. I prefer to log on when I want for however long I want, and that doesn't even take into account responsibilities that I have now that I didn't have in my early 20's.

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    Was doing whatever the highest available content was from BC until BFA, skipping Pandaria/Cata. Guild finally died in BFA(dazar'alor) - couldn't maintain 20 without enormous recruiting effort - most of us left had been officers at one point or another, and no one had it in them to keep trying to recruit.

    If mythic flexed to like 17 we'd probably still be going, but with M+ essentially replacing heroic raids, recruiting wasn't getting easier. (Incentive much smaller with more gear sources requiring less organization)
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    If I'm forced to farm for BWL I'm out, aside from the first few weeks at best. I dont have time to deal with the Black Lotus Bullshit and make flasks for this level of content. Summers coming soon anyway and I need to get back in shape.

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