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    Mostly because M+ is way better imo.

    But there are other reasons that suck. Nothing to do with the game but with the people.
    Back until Cataclysm I raided hardcore in a top 200 guild (which for the time back then was really high).

    Even there you always had people you carry. Yes, these were better than the average player, but they had a low learning curve, sucked balls.
    In the 25 man raids you had like 10 of these that were playing worse than most of the players. And that occured in every guild on every level played.

    In the end, especially when raiding hardcore, it was disappointing when the same 10 people leanred so slow and failed over and over.

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    Not for lack of desire on my part. My main guild and the other guild I would raid with just dried up at the start of BfA. I’d like to get back into it, though.

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    becouse one day i got rank1 warrior at dps in a fight and in the next day i had to be on replace group becouse a friend of the RL wanted to raid as warrior

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    I personally didnt really enjoy raiding itself, I just did it to hang out with friends since it was the easiest way to gather the most of them in one place regularly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scelero View Post
    Because you can't play the character or play-style you enjoy. They want you to play a role that has been automated by bots to determine the best spec/gear/etc and you're held to that even though you don't have the gear that is being used in the SIM.

    Even when you can one shot a boss, they still complain about who is where on the meters. Someone is always at the bottom and they're always an easy target. Go even further... I was a holy pally, we one shot farm content. Boss dies, no ONE DIES..... asked 'why are you so low on the healing meters'.... My response, 'i'm sorry did someone die due to not being healed by me? Mind you, it's farm content and we were running the same number of healers we did for progression. How about 5 healers on farm content we go down to 2-3..... Nah.

    But basically because you can't play the way you want. You're told what someone else read about someone else saying this is how you should play. If you want that person's play-style, go recruit them. If not, don't expect me to be that person.

    And the cherry on top. Being called out for mistakes they themselves are guilty of committing. But you can't call them out for it.
    Love it.

    To add to what you said, for myself, i was in a 10 man guild. Moving Mythic to 20 man KILLED my guild. We had to recruit 10-12 new people who weren't on our page of progression.

    My 10 man guild was SOOOOO fun because everyone knew each other personally and mistakes were funny, not a warning of being 'fired'. Meters were for shit-talking, not a resume.

    Ever since the 20man mythic change over, i have limped along trying to raid, but it's just not the same. I really do not care to play with 19 other people. Mythic + feels bad too because of this, 9 people to choose from vs 19. Really don't want to help gear the new recruit who will probably leave after being geared anyways.

    Throw Classic into the mix, and suddenly no one i want to play with logs in anymore.
    Regret buying Shadowlands... probably going to be more of the same crap.

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    Getting married. I simply do not have a 3-6 hour block of time where my wife does not want my attention.
    I still raid but i'll pug a heroic boss here and there and promptly leave the group afterwards, even if its a group that can push to Cara

    If I wasn't married, I would still be pushing for Cutting Edge every raid tier like I was in Legion.

    Marriage is time-consuming brehs

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    I lost all interest in raiding after 10 years when I finally realized that all it boils down to is repeating the exact same thing over and over again.

    With each new boss you repeat the exact same 3-5 minute routine for hours or days until you kill it. Then you move to the next boss and repeat the same process again until you reach the end, only to come back next reset and do it all over again! And even when 'on farm' you still turn up every single week to repeat the very same raid, for even less reward than before. And you do this sometimes on multiple characters and multiple difficulties per week.

    You repeat this entire process 3 or more days per week, every single week for 6-12 months until the next raid or expansion launches, only to repeat the exact same thing all over again in the next one. And for what? An ever-diminishing amount of incremental stat increases, which become worthless after few weeks or months anyway, and a yellow box of text that nobody will ever see or care about.

    It's literally maddening. I don't know how anyone can stand it.

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    It was just too hard to lead a guild on Alliance with aspirations, way too much fatigue and drop off around holidays, felt like you had to replace 1/3 of your raid team every new tier, with a really limited pool to recruit from aswell.
    Quote Originally Posted by arr0gance View Post
    Maybe they can poll the AI and figure out why their game sucks.

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    When they added multiple difficulties. I raided "hardcore" through TBC and Wrath, but got burnt out when ICC came out. I have nothing against the idea of multiple difficulties and the people who want more/less of a challenge, but I don't care the do the same content multiple times (yeah I know they are not all the same mechanics, phases, etc.)

    I'll raid some random tiers when I get the itch or life is slow, but typically get bored after clearing Normal and progressing through Heroic on virtually the same fights.

    Of course there is the time commitment. My most hardcore raiding time was during college/single life. Now that I'm older I will only raid 1-2 nights a week, and it's hard to progress that way in a raid with a ton of bosses and a below average guild.

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    Layers upon layers of RNG, personal loot, and thematically nothing has caught my attention and kept it for some time.
    That and #1 is i hate all the classes i used to love. Its all so boring.
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    Uldir, because it was boring as fuck, took a year off basically, want to raid now (love nya) but I don't pug and it would be too annoying to try and put a guild back together for the last raid of the expansion

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    Because mythic raiding is irrelevant. You play it only for prestige if you're in top raiding guild. However, if you're not it is a huge waste of time IMO.

    Blizzard please fix mythic raiding rewards

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    After TBC. Adding multiple difficulties and raid sizes did nothing but dilute the content and make it seem overly pointless. If they ever revert to the TBC model of tiered raid progressing with only 2 difficulties (Mythic and LFR), I’ll come back to raiding.
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    I still raid, just with the Premade Group Finder though.

    Can't raid with a guild due to work Shift pattern, where I work 4 days on 2 days off in an alternating morning (5:00-13:00, bed by 9pm) or afternoon shift (11:30-20:00, not home till 9pm). Can't do typical guild raid schedules due to this.

    That being said, the current raid in 8.3 is rather obscene with people lucking out on DPS corruption procs doing nice DPS meanwhile I just get flat stat corruptions (consistently) doing meager DPS by comparison. -.-
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    i quit raiding in bfa cause i couldnt combine it with my classic wow raids.

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    Boredom and the fights mostly being uninspiring convoluted messes.

    Blackrock foundry was the last raid where i thought it was mostly inspired. EN and NH had some good elements, as did TOS. But a lot of the fights are just cluster fucks now.

    Also less fun guilds are about. The Group finder IMO has damaged raiding guilds. There used to be so many big, medium and small sized guilds on my server. Now its only big guilds who raid. Smaller guilds are full of people who cant be bothered to wipe and just want free progress via the group finder.
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    Usually its because i lack time, i work 10-12hrs when its slow and 14-16 when its busy and any free time which is normally like 1-2 hrs a day is spent doing casual things on whatever game im playing.

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    As weird as it sounds I was a mythic raider that raided that difficulty to have access to coolest transmogs. Yeah, I wanted to collect shiny things. Gear, ect. was just a tool to get to those shiny things.

    Thats what I always did.

    In legion stuff started to go the less desirable way from my point of view when m+ were added. It wasnt mandatory in my guild, but almost everyone did it. In bfa it became mandatory. I never had to deal with m+ before. Guildies log in to raid,ect. so guild groups were rare. I do not agree with rio. Even with my best available current gear and being on meta class, I had serious difficulties getting to m+ done.
    Then class sets were removed. Armor type sets have been trash so far, I have no interest in collecting majority of items in bfa.
    Uldir was shite, which is where I quit. I did a few BoD, but never really liked it much either. Rest of the raids I havent really even touched.

    To sum up. I had to deal with shit I dont want to do so I dont do (aka quit). There was nothing interesting to collect like I usually did so I had no reason to deal with the previous point. I did not like the raids which were not, in my opinion, very good at all.

    I do not have any reason to do any "relevant" end game content. Too much stuff tied to it that I dont want to do and is just waste of time. Now I dont even want to go back even, if I could care. I kind of like my freedom to choose what I want to do and what I dont.

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    I quit raiding with a guild when I had my second kid. Now I'm up to 4. Simply unable to make a time commitment. I do miss it, though.
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    Not that I was ever really a hardcore raider but I can at least say my interest in raiding is non-existent these days. I never really raided that much mostly because I could never dedicate that much time out of my day especially back in the pre-LFG/LFR days but also because I never had the gear for it.

    It's just way too time consuming for me anymore. Always has been really. Spending like 3 hours in a raid is not how I want to spend my time.
    I'd buy that for a dollar.

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