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    Honestly? I loved raiding at the highest level, but Mythic became too much for me. And I had no enjoyment in just heroic so I felt like I had no place.

    And this is a guy who started raiding in Feb 2005 with MC. I was hardcore for a long time, but man I'll give you current mythic raiders props. That shit is nuts. The only hard part of vanilla raiding was getting 40 people on in the raid that weren't dumb!

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    Stuck on a dead sever that has no high end raiding guilds. These days I pug for AoTC and then generally ignore raiding till raid is released. If I was on a high pop server, like Tich, I'd be raiding mythic again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by callipygoustp View Post
    Stuck on a dead sever that has no high end raiding guilds. These days I pug for AoTC and then generally ignore raiding till raid is released. If I was on a high pop server, like Tich, I'd be raiding mythic again.
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    The short version is, i just was 'done' with it.

    I started raiding consistently in Ulduar. It was amazing to me how deep and impressive raids were at the time. The idea of killing an end boss was so god damn exciting to 13 year old me. The first end boss i killed, excluding the meme raid TOC, was the Lich King. I killed him on the last day, last hour of WoTLK - just before Cataclysm. It felt so god damn good.

    In Cataclysm, the intro raids were ridiculously hard relative to all of WoTLK, so i skipped that and Firelands too. In the meanwhile i was pvping heavily, so when DS came out and all of the weapons and trinkets were broken in PVP, i started trying to raid a bit more seriously. I ended up clearing the raid on heroic 10 man and i felt like a boss.

    Then in MoP, i discovered parsing and from then, i went on a parsing spree. My peak was in ToT where at one point or another, I had the rank 1 parse on 25 HC in every single boss in the raid on 25 Heroic. But by the time SoO rolled around, i had been raiding consistently for 5 months and once you've got rank 1 parses on every boss in a raid, you lose interest fast. I stopped caring about parses and went back to just mechanics, which frustrated me to no end. I was raiding in a world 200-ish rank guild so people failed mechanics A LOT and we'd waste hours every raid wiping to stupid trash. I think for instance Thok took us 80 pulls just due to people being unable to kite...

    So faced with the idea of running into Blackfuse, where actual good guilds spend 300+ pulls, nah, pass. I stopped raiding there. If i wanted to, I could've easily gotten into a top 10-50 guild in the world, but i don't like maintaining multiple alts, so i didn't. My choice was deal with the noobs in world rank 100-200 guilds, or spend all day gearing and progressing on alts i dont really care about. Neither appealed to me, so i stopped.

    In WoD, i joined a heroic guild with friends and just blasted through the raids once a week. Legion i did the same and in BFA, I've yet to join any guild. The lack of tier armor means raiding is pointless. The few times raid items are excellent (refracting prism and urchin for tanks) i'll just pug it 2 or 3 times until i get it for tanking m+.

    In Shadowlands, the fact that tier armor isn't back, means i will continue to not even raid heroic.

    TL;DR - I had finished one of the hardest raids in the game, Throne of Thunder, on Heroic 25. I had gotten rank 1 parses on many bosses. I had gotten all BiS. I was basically 'done' with raiding. Everything else would be doing it again, or doing stuff i'm not interested in, like getting World First.

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    I saw the BFA "PRE-ORDER" of the fat human having druid, with all the model released.
    I then told my guild (which barely beat m argus for achieve during LEGION) I would main fat human druid!

    Then it never come, I don't even bother to raid. Then that freaking DARK IRON DWARF comes out that wasn't even at pre-order, I was like wtf, get some priority dude, give something to the customer that you show at pre-order holy shit. Then I let my 6 month sub runs out.

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    What I have to do outside of raids to stay in the raiding scene is not worth raiding itself now.

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    Raiding never interested me. Every single raid I've ever been to has given me a migraine. If I were to describe my experience with raiding in one sentence, I would describe it as unmitigated chaos that goes on for far too long. Nothing fun about it.

    I ran some PUGs in Wrath and MoP. Didn't raid at all in Cataclysm or WoD. Legion had M+ to keep me invested in the game so I found myself running a few odd PUGs here and there. I've done one PUG in BfA and I think that's enough.

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    It's too difficult to organize it. I rather just play whenever I want to, with friends, at any time.

    Raiding? Always at a set time and if not enough people showed up, no raid.

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    I just liked having my own time and not feeling like I had to commit to doing something on a night I wanted to be doing something else.

    There were people in my guild that would travel, rent hotels and buy internet just so they could raid on their laptop. At the time we couldn't really afford to have people missing our Mythic progression, so it was a sense of obligation, but a lot of people out there genuinely just love to raid. Which to me is sad because of just how unrewarding it is these days for the effort required.

    Reasons similar to that are the exact same reason why so many raiding guilds die if you're not capable of very quickly progressing through the raid. You just can't recruit quality players and if you do, there's no loyalty there - they run off the first chance they get. We were fortunate enough to have sold tanks and healers who didn't leave, and the same constant 6-7 DPS that were always there and good. But it was all just too much. It's just too much these days to run a Mythic guild, and so many people simply brush off the time and effort it takes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dope_danny View Post
    Mid WoD i asked myself what the fuck i was doing paying for an mmo world only to spend most of it in the same small number of rooms for months on end with people that are not just the most bitter, foul tempered people in WoW but mmo's in general.
    Yup plus I was still salty about the removal of 10-man around that time. I tried the first two raids with a third (first two fell apart aright away) guild in Mythic-20 but it too got the silly drama bullshit and fell apart and that is when I jumped back to FFXIV until Legion.

    Now I'm in a guild that can clear heroic the first day of release but I just go to their casual nights when I'm bored. I have barely touched M+ as well and still haven't unlocked flying.

    I'm hoping Shadow Lands turns out to be another Legion or MoP otherwise I'll probably nope out after a few months and stick to FFXIV and PSO2.
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    lost my job, had to move to rotational shift job and there was no group that could match that schedule, got a normal job got back into it... group fell apart when the raid leader quit and as a MT I was expected to be ok with DPS gearing alts while i stayed on my i left.
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    Raided heroic until it became Mythic and did that until Legion and that was it.

    Why stop? Because when leisure time/having fun starts becoming hard work, it stops being fun. Im no longer interested in paying just to go to work.

    What does a retired raider do now? I love pet battles. I love collecting rare items and mounts. Clearing old content for xmog and memories.

    Sometimes im in Org and I see some guy flexing with the latest and greatest gear and I smile. I used to be there and im content with what I do now.

    Not gonna lie, sometimes I miss it but, I think im good.
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    I hardcore raided in Vanilla/BC/WoTLK. Haven't done so since, and haven't done a raid period in BFA, actually I haven't even done a Mythic dungeon I don't believe. I just don't have time nor do I really care anymore. I pretty much treat this game like a single player experience at this point.

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    lots of friend stopped playing, almost seen everything over the years in boss fights (the only one I quite loved was the lurker in azshara place, done it for the fun), no more time to invest in such time consuming thing.

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    Mythic is a second unpaid work, too stressful for somewhone who comes back home at evening from work, also i'm too old to stand nazi-neurotic raid leaders/gm, guild drama and overall toxicity in the game, i moved to sim racing and some sp game and not going back
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    Quote Originally Posted by reiserfs View Post
    When the game started to feel like a job.
    that, when you go to a raid and not having really fun doing it, its time to quit

    i mostly play it for the new content, i do the new reput to exalted (im completionist in this domain..) do once the lfr to see the new dongeon and boss once and that it

    to be fair, i have more fun like this that having to go to raid 6-9 hour by week

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    Don’t have the time for heroic and mythic raiding anymore. You can outgear normal mode by just running daily emissaries/mythic+ and there’s no set bonuses so normal is pointless. I’ll just run lfr once to see the content then go back to pvp and collecting things.

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    When the last guild I was invested in disbanded in Wrath, since then I have only done LFR because I have too many other games and important things to spend my time on. However I did make a few life long friends playing so that is cool.
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