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    Quote Originally Posted by reiserfs View Post
    When the game started to feel like a job.
    that, when you go to a raid and not having really fun doing it, its time to quit

    i mostly play it for the new content, i do the new reput to exalted (im completionist in this domain..) do once the lfr to see the new dongeon and boss once and that it

    to be fair, i have more fun like this that having to go to raid 6-9 hour by week

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    Don’t have the time for heroic and mythic raiding anymore. You can outgear normal mode by just running daily emissaries/mythic+ and there’s no set bonuses so normal is pointless. I’ll just run lfr once to see the content then go back to pvp and collecting things.

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    When the last guild I was invested in disbanded in Wrath, since then I have only done LFR because I have too many other games and important things to spend my time on. However I did make a few life long friends playing so that is cool.
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    Once I started working I just flat out didn't have time for raiding anymore. It is a shame I rather enjoyed it but once they added mythic phases again the drive to work through heroic and do the same content again really didn't spark me to -make- time for it anymore was just easier to cut it off from my gametime and enjoy the smaller things.

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    Regular guild raiders stopped playing with Legion, and i was not interested in mythic dungeons so I did not bother searching for a new guild.
    I just started to run LFR to see the new content. And farming AP until death was never fun.

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    I still raid almost every tier doing pugs, going for AOTC but overall I quit hardcore frequent raiding after they made 20-man the only go to option for end-game raiding. I liked 10-man raiding the most and I am not interested in forced 20-man content.

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    I didn't ... but I usually raid and then take a long break.

    Most often I quit because I just can't find a "main" .. I wanna raid on some alt instead.. then some other alt, then end up raiding on 4 characters, not enjoying any of them. Then think why am I doing this and just stop playing WoW for a while altogether.

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    I raided during cata and quit the game all together by the end of mop.

    I hated the encounter and class design of mop, the entire expansion just destroyed my love for the game. In particular tot was a huge stressful mess where I couldn't play my class because I was too busy running out twelves forms of fire the bosses always slung at me. Plus I was a shadow priest who were worthless for raiding since movement killed thier dps.

    Combine with our raid team being torn apart, guild drama, the server's raid community becoming a toxic mess (though I suppose it usually is) and it just being a dark time of my life. The idea of having to build up trust with people for so long just to have it come crashing down so hard again makes me too afraid to try.

    But besides that now a days I just see no point. I don't have the time anymore for hardcore raiding and I'm content to just kit my people out in casual level gear and hunt transmog. No preassure to perform, can play what I like, no ones depending on me.

    My guild was amazing during cata and I wish them all the best. I have no intention of going back though.

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    I quit because of the commitment requirements. Compared to mythic plus that offers a similar level of challenge but at my convenience. Really happy about M+.

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    MoP. PuG scene on my realm died despite being quite active throughout the so called PuGs are dead days of Cata. Meanwhile LFR was a frustrating mess for me. Solo queuing Cata heroics at launch was far more relaxing.

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    It's just too much commitment, sacrificing half the days of the week to raiding instead of something else was taking up too much of my time where I couldn't choose to do anything else if I wanted to. I prefer being free to decide what I'd like to do.

    Secondary reason is that I think progression for the last few bosses of the recent raids lasts too long. Obviously, it sounds weird when world first guilds are clearing the raid in a week. But, in my opinion, if any boss is taking hundreds of pulls (which end up spanning across many weeks), it hits a point where the progression is not fun anymore.

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    Can't commit to a strict raid schedule and pugs are horrendous.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Howlrunner View Post
    Raided from WoW launch to middle of Legion, clearing some Mythic, and just came to the conclusion of...well...."Why?".

    It is the epitome of fruitlessness to me. You will have everything you have done replaced within a few months, no one beyond a few nerds cares about the *success* you have done, and I felt there are genuinely better ways to spend my time. It is nothing more to me, than a way for unfulfilled people to feel some sense of achievement, and I realised then how kind of dangerous it was to me in growth terms

    I thought there has to be better usages of this time. And no, this isn't a critique of gaming as a hobby, far from it. You can play games with friends, few hours here and there multiplayer and such, but they have an *end*.
    WoW doesn't, and raiding is designed as such, and in the end, to me, it was just utterly, utterly pointless.
    This was pretty identical to my experience. I just don't have the time to commit to it anymore, but more than that, it just seems pointless and even unhealthy to chase something that will be literally soloable, obsolete, whatever you wanna call it in a matter of months.

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    - I raided in TBC, but the guild fell apart before WOTLK, as tank.
    - I found a new guild in WOTLK and raided all expansion, until the guild fell apart before Cataclysm, as tank
    - I found a new guild in Cata and raided all expansion, until Blizzard ruined Bear Tanking, by changing all passive mitigation to active mitigation and buffing threat to a point, where it was impossible to loose threat.....And once more, the guild fell apart..

    Finding a guild, learning new people and committing to fixed raid times, is just too much work. So since MoP, I have been a LFR hero
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    Quote Originally Posted by Monolithi View Post
    Im interested why people stop raiding, just as I did.
    No, I didnt unsub or anything, I still play, just quit on raiding for several reasons.

    I mostly did heroic raiding twice a week since Cata, mythic was out of reach just for not willing to commit that much and didnt have right guild for that.
    Biggest reason was M+, nice addition to the game where I can challenge myself without the need for having schedule and for its short duration, with nice rewards and no lockout, so content on demand at all times.
    Next reason is duration - raids last for 3 hours and sitting on a chair it quite tiresome at my age.
    Also, guild members - there is always at least one or two guildies who are annoying, or talk too much for my taste, or too
    Then raidleader - stuborn ones, who just insist on same tactic and not willing to try different approach by listening to suggestions.
    So, what are your reasons?
    It was long time ago. When after overall casual-friendly WotLK, raids became way too hardcore again in Cata. It was about that "It's not worth my time". Too low Reward/Effort ratio. Raiding isn't about gameplay - it's about social interaction. If you don't need it or IRL social interaction is enough for you and therefore your don't need that "paid green chat" - therefore raiding isn't for you.

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    Honestly, I just got tired of it at the end of Legion.

    The late nights, the sleep deprivation, having randos yell at you all the time... The cost/benefit analysis just tipped ever more towards cost until I quit.

    I don't miss hard core raiding, and because I stopped at the right time, I have a lot of fond memories to look back on.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gulantik View Post
    This was pretty identical to my experience. I just don't have the time to commit to it anymore, but more than that, it just seems pointless and even unhealthy to chase something that will be literally soloable, obsolete, whatever you wanna call it in a matter of months.
    For me, the real clincher was in looking back in terms of how much time I had actually spent, and what I could have done in that time frame. Even on a lower amount, 3x3 hour raids a week (for a basic Mythic group) actually turns into quite a lot of hours over time. I just thought "Sheesh, imagine how many gym sessions, or studying I could have done in that time frame?" and then started to roll it back.

    I hear people always say "Oh, but it is a hobby, it is fine!" but no other hobby or pastime has such a time requirement, that offers anything so ultimately pointless and ephemeral to me. The goalposts are always changed, nothing actually remains valid, and everything you do becomes redundant in such a short space of time it is unreal.
    Even with single player games you can say "I have completed this!", but WoW raiding? You never complete *anything*, you just finish the current stuff, and then prepare for the next, and I finally decided I had had enough of that.

    To each their own, obviously, but I decided for me, it was enough.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kyphael View Post
    Because I killed Arthas when Kingslayer was current and that felt like the definitive endgame. Subsequent expansions became sandbox content to me, I started a career, and my guild dissolved, in part due to LFR, and in part due to burnout. Everyone just moved on.
    do you literally post on every post on the forums? lmao

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    Only because raiding guilds are a weekly commitment, and pugging is not.

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    my friend solo on his mage alt the LK 25 hc during WoD when i returned to game
    this shattered me
    i spent YEARS trying to kill him non stop, i wiped way too much on LK 25 hc, trying to kill him with my hardcore raiding guild, only for a single mage solo him, and by right click even with self buffs, i felt how much time actually passed and it broke me
    i tried to raid in WoD but couldn't commit (not to mention it was the rise of token wow, buy boosts if u want to raid), and since then i didn't commit to any raid at all
    I have zero desire to wipe on any boss for weeks only for someone right click him 2 years later
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