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    Managed a 5 mask clear org on first attempt, I think switching specs is really helpful. You can start as destro pull big with infernal clear to a boss then switch to aff and kill the boss in seconds then switch back again, use VoP minor for aff means 2 min DG cd which is huge. Rexxar feels like the toughest fight in there but as aff you can get all your dots rolling and drums and burst him down before they take much sanity

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    Admittedly kinda worried about doing Stormwind next week. 4 Masks was already troublesome, but I guess after learning how to pace gift of the titans in the 5 mask full Org run, Stormwind should prove to only be slightly tougher. I'm curious to try it. Can't wait to finish it either. It's fun to have that challenge, but it's also incredibly stressful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beenieshaman View Post
    Hello just wanted to know if anybody solo 5 bosses and what essence did you use

    Not only 5 bosses, but 5 masks - there's gotta be one among them with commentary etc

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