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    There are other lead game directors at Blizzard, like Jeff Kaplan for example, who just straight up tell the players when they feel like they made a mistake, want to fix it, and talk about some of their ideas they have for fixing it and ask people to provide feedback on what they think is the best option.

    Ion could do the same, why doesn't he?
    Ion does do that though

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    Quote Originally Posted by McNeil View Post
    Ion talks about the disappointment some felt for N'Zoth's end, but at the end of the day we are the heroes of the story and we will always defeat villains and make way for new villains to enter.

    So this is just going to be the routine then and we will never see any interesting villains. This is like watching a Power Ranger episode where they introduce a new monster and just gets destroyed at the end, except that the monsters in Power Rangers actually manage to have some more depth than what we get. Arthas was the last good villain and we'll never see anyone at his level anymore.
    Thats not entirely fair, Garrosh was not that bad. He was not perfect and they screwed his story a bit up, but all in all he was ok.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bennett View Post
    Ion does do that though
    He didn't do that at all in this interview. There are glaringly bad mistakes with 8.3, and his response is just "we realize some people don't like it, but we think it turned out fine" basically. WTF?

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    The worst patch that has existed in the history of the game, NO-ALTS, full focus on PVE, and what happened to the PVP? !!!, enough of PVE to do PVP, RNG by the heaps, Chaos in PVP for corruption and ilvl and the essences of PVE help any player without hands, disappointing and sad, Wow needs an urgent adjustment in its developers!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bennett View Post
    Ion does do that [admit to mistakes] though
    No he doesn't. Ion admits to just enough to keep his job.

    "That led to us pulling back a little bit further than we should have."

    That's what he said about the pruning.

    That is such an understatement that it's clear it wasn't genuine. He's basically saying, "I was right, and you were wrong, but I'm going to compromise and say that I was a little bit wrong even though I wasn't."
    If I wanted to be melee, I would have rolled a Rogue.

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    meh I wish they'd kill warmode. i don't know anyone who actually enjoys it. Everyone just keeps it on for the bonus resources.

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