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    That's about the experience everyone has on this forum when conversing with Blizzards No1 Fan. Talking to a wall.
    Yeah, and both times i've argued with him i got an infraction for "trolling" despite the 3-4 paras of context i provide in the same post. That's some great moderation right there, heavy bias. Then again, can't expect more from this cesspool of a "fansite".

    ^ This is sarcasm with a hint of trolling, as is actually worthy of an infraction. Go ahead, have a blast mods. Couldn't care less if I'm banned either, gives me a reason to never have to respond ever again.

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    The main problem is the final cinematic is 1) a beam of light is the exact same way we defeated Deathwing and 2) the aftermath is just a straight rip off of Lord of the Rings.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aliven View Post
    Well you basically argue with the words of gods at this point. Until blizz does another retcon this is what we get.
    These lore gods better tell us more about that huge Sargeras sword in silithus - so whatever they want to sell us a shallow story about N'zoth in a single underdeveloped patch, or let the true old gods nature remain a mystery(remember death and life is not meaning much for them) is their cup of tea, but that quite massive story plot hole with the sword is unacceptable at this point.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Azerate View Post
    People love to complain and they will try their best to find reasons to do so.

    The whole thing is also blown to epic proportions due to all the influencers fueling the outrage.

    Personally I don't even watch most of the cutscenes. Whenever I see them in game I just skip them as soon as possible. If I hear from friends that there's a good cutscene or cinematic I may go to youtube later and watch it there. I disagree that the N'zoth cinematic is much worse than most of the other cinematics
    Then you never paid attention to detail, the other cinematics, notably of azshara and the war campaing with sylvanas and saurfang were of high quality and quite longer.

    Not that i agree witht he direction of the story in those cinematics, but from an pure artist pov, they are of much higher quality.

    N'zoths deserves better and he is the endboss of this expansion, he deserves more than a short hommage at Lotr done in few seconds.

    That cinematics are not important to gameplay and the quality of a game at all is another matter.

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