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    This seems to assume that using Google Cloud for Blizzard game services comes for free with the only drawback of having to switch to Youtube.

    I stand behind it being a move requested and approved by people who have little skill or interest in promoting the tournament scene.
    I'm not going to bother breaking this down any further because it's clear you didn't read the article I linked in my first post. Blizzard partnered with Google for access to their cloud computing network. This means that Blizzard is offloading some of their current infrastructure to Google so they can reap the benefits of things Google does much better than anybody else in the industry. (I think it's difficult to argue that there's another tech company with more raw computing power than Google.) Google owns YouTube so it makes sense that as part of their deal to get access to these AAA-cloud computing solutions Blizzard would move its eSports broadcasts to a platform that has, as you've correctly observed, largely been a non-starter. MDI is just one small piece of a much larger puzzle as this move also means that the more popular Overwatch and Hearthstone-themed content will also be moving to YT. This content is currently mostly advertised through the launcher. Since the launcher can (presumably) seamlessly switch from twitch to YT, the end user experience will remain largely unchanged; while the backend benefit is a win for both companies. YT as a streaming platform gets more exposure and all the people who click-through the launcher to watch the stream will be served YT advertisements.

    There's a separate argument to be made that this is a David-vs-Goliath type move and twitch is already far too established to be rivaled but we're living in a peak capitalistic society and YT challenging their dominance will likely result in more benefits for both the platforms themselves as well as their content creators.
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