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    War of the ancients expansion?

    Nozdormu comes with us to the shadowlands to discover how time moves differently in the land of the dead. After returning he goes mad and turns into Murozond and says the only way to stop The void lords is to make the burning legion win the war of the ancients

    So it turns out the hilt of gorribal is actually an extradimensional gateway to different realities, since you know, the legion transcends all realities. Murozond takes with him a massive army of infinite dragons and we follow him and BAM!

    But Murozond miscalculated, since the titans are stuck guardian sargeras, they never ripped Y’shaarj out so now we must fight alongside Broxigar, Krasus, Rhonin and the forces of nature to defeat the second black empire That is filled with Mantid, the kaldorei empire and infinite dragons

    Ill take my 20% cut for making your next expansion for you in cash blizzard.
    Oh no! My limitless wealth and power is all I have! Boohoo, send me sympathy money

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    Time travel crap can sod off, thanks.

    We got to experience glimpses of it back in Legion.

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    What has this to do with the War of the Ancients?

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    No more time travel....EVER!!
    Fact (because I say so): TBC > Cata > Legion > MoP > BfA > WoD = WotLK

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