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    Question for those who played during WoD


    I don't know where to ask, I hope this is okay.
    I got a question for those who played during WoD. I'm trying to find a website.
    There was a 3rd party website that helped you schedule premade groups.
    It was a really good resource, used primarily to obtain the Ironhoof Destroyer mount from Blackhand for people who weren't in guilds, but wanted to work towards it just as a guild would.
    It was also used to schedule runs like Herald of the Titans, glory runs ... and so on.
    I'd like to find it, maybe someone who used it can help me out? Something starting with O....

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    OpenRaid. It effectively got killed by the in-game group finder being improved and discord becoming popular. They recently started up again under a new name, but it hasn't really taken off.
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    oQueue? OpenRaid?

    oQueue was killed by Blizzard intentionally, since it put a lot of stress on the battle.net chat servers, which it piggy-backed on to community possible groups. But it was also the thing that got them to build the new LFG tool in-game, which in many aspects just does the same thing. Its primarily for ad-hoc group finding.

    Not sure oQueue ever was purpose-driven for something like getting people mounts.

    OpenRaid is a website to organize PUGs and the like, which has much more of an organized character. But it also basically died from the LFG changes, since it made it much less useful.

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    Now discord does this pretty well, find discord achievemts or wings of azzeroth, both premade groups for mount runs and so.

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