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    Returning player needs a little help

    Just coming back from a looong hiatus. I hit 120 the other night and now have no idea how to start gearing up. Currently sitting at like 280 iLvL. Do i head into dungeons? or is that a waste of time?

    All the guides i have looked into assume i have been playing for the last couple of expansions.

    Thanks in advance

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    Go do the 8.3 content. Should get you geared pretty quickly.

    If you also plan on raiding, get a guild to boost you in m+

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    Do the World Quests, especially the Emissary ones, which should allow you quickly gear yourself as the iLvl of the rewards scale with your iLvl - as it increases, the rewards will increase as well, in a general and generous upward arc. Do this until you are able to hit the 8.3 Assault zones (Uldum in Kalimdor and the Vale of Eternal Blossoms on Pandaria), where you will get pretty frequent 410/415 drops from rares as well as the Assault caches. You can also run the Horrific Visions for 430/445 pieces, as to start with you just need to kill the boss of the Vision (which you can do straight away if you lack the iLvl to tackle the other Vision areas).

    For trinkets and weapons you can rely on LFR until you're ready to tackle Normal/Heroic Ny'alotha, or you can craft iLvl 400 weapons in the interim. Mechagon can help with trinkets with a bit of grinding, as well. Also don't forget to take advantage of any weekly Timewalking/Mythic dungeon events that reward gear, as well as the Warfront "weekly" quests (Normal and Heroic once you bulk up your iLvl a bit).
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    At 280iLvl i would do the following in this order:
    1. world quests that give gear upgrades (probably all at this point) + World Boss
    2. do nazjatar entry questline, will give you a weapon + some benthic gear and Neck level. Do Nazjatar World Boss
    3. Start the 8.3 patch content, so Cloak upgrade and Uldum + Vale of Eternal Blossoms assaults. Do Vale/ Uldum world boss.
    4. Repeat world quests that give gear upgrades until they don't anymore.
    5. Dungeons, heroic first, Mythic 0 after (430 iLvl and more importantly, the best azerite traits for your class/spec ).
    6. Mythic+ / Raids

    Reasoning for that order is that you are going to struggle ALOT doing the 8.3 content at 280 iLvl.
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    im gearing my alt right now this is what i do (and you should too):

    BFA Season 2

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