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    I'd protest if they pay you to protest.

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    There's been a general attack on immigration and citizenship by the Trump administration. I'm a foreign born adoptee. If they start targeting stuff like that, I'd protest/riot/sabotage/whatever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chicken Drummer View Post
    Protest as in go on to the streets.
    Home confinement

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    1. Systematic racism, sexism or homophobia.
    2. Police brutality seems like this should go under racism however brutality itself on behalf of police is a problem.
    3. Unprovoked War, or Nation Building.
    4. Nuclear Power, Yeah FUCK YOUTUBE and dipshits that don't know how fucking deadly and determinant that shit is if it goes wrong.
    5. Over turning Roe vs Wade, I disagree with abortions but it is a woman's right to choose her own life.
    6. The Homeless, the poor or those most vulnerable not being taken care of or mistreated.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kail View Post
    If the government would attempt to ban alcohol again, I'd be in the streets with my fellow drinkers and get shitfaced in front of Congress.
    Over half of Congress would have already beaten you in getting their drunk on.
    Acquittal doesn't mean exoneration

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    Benefits for the mentally ill, even if they are undocumented..

    Or insurance covering cost for gender transitioning to alleviate gender dysphoria.

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    Forced female empowermment in every hollywood movie of late.

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    I'm still pretty bitter about Lunchables cutting the meat and cheese thinner. It's been years, but I'm still down to take to the streets and flip some cars.
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    Probably against a EU membership.

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    Protest is increasingly becoming useless.

    Protest used to be a way to highlight and expose corruption, misdeeds, etc. But with perpetrators becoming more transparent about their actions, like Donald Trump, protest becomes almost a tool for these people.

    As in,

    "I'm going to do this thing, thousands of people don't want me to do. I expect them to make scene. Protest a little. Maybe get a social media campaign going. But i'm still going to do it. So long as you don't violently protest... i'm going to do it"

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