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    Classic players don't need to know their role, they dont need to make their own tools. They can successfully navigate the hardest content while being unprofessional about it.

    I'm sure both groups have fun but it is obvious that one group is actually doing it right. That's the group that is innovating and pushing boundaries. Not the group that don't know how to enter an instance properly and choke.
    ...right... I watched most of Limit's stream of the world first kill, and every time it had their comms they were basically just "REEEEEEEEEEEE-ing" in the chat having a good time. It was hilarious in a good way. It's the exact same kind of shit that happens in Classic WoW. The better you are at the game, the more you can fuck around and say dumb shit while playing the game at the highest level. They were cracking jokes throughout all of the non progression phases of Mythic N'zoth while waiting to get back to the Mythic only section and burn the boss for the kill. It's the same shit that APES and the like do. They've probably done this content a billion times and are just messing around in the raid. Limit had basically mastered P1 at this point and could fuck around during the fight until it got serious again.

    It happens in both versions of the game. It's all a matter of how much they have to actually focus in the current moment.

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    There are some seriously salty ppl in this thread lol. I'll never understand why ppl that dont like classic or its players, come into a thread and talk shit. If retail is so much better, why arent they in retail threads or actually in game playing? Lmao

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