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    I have been a rogue and mage main for quite some time. I love how my DH feels in its current iteration. While people say any monkey can play a DH... yea sure its a bit overturned and has a high floor, I think there is quite a difference in a okay DH and a great DH. My GM in my guild recently started playing a DH, geared it quick, got lucky on some drops and corruption, and came in and was like "no wonder you play DH, this shits easy". However, I beg to differ. While I am still well ahead in gear, there is a giant gap on how we utilize our class and the damage we are actually doing. Again.... class does have a high floor, but I think the ceiling difference isn't as valued as it is in other classes.

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    I always jumped a bit between mains. But my previous main was a DK

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    Warrior. Since Vanilla. Even with the full T3. But I cant play it anymore. I need the mobility of the DH xD

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    I played Ele Shaman most of Legion and a lot of other classes every now and then. I usually "out source" acount wide grinds to alts so when I get burned out I just bench them. Although technically Legion was very good I wasn't so much into the demons theme and therefor neglected Demon Hunters just untill recently. I was never able to find a main in BFA and while looking at my login screen I was like "hmmm, none of my toons makes me feel I want to play the game" so I decided "let's try a Demon Hunter!". Although my Horde toons seem to get equiped easier for whatever reason (better WQ rewards, etc..) I only login to play my Demon Hunter currently and thus would call it my main for who knows long.

    Dungeons as Havoc feel great and I enjoyed tanking timewalking as Vengeance a lot. For me, as a casual player now it has the right balance of not beeing overly complex and not too simple as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by united View Post
    What did you play before Legion?
    Started playing Hunter in TBC, switched to Death Knight in WoTLK up until WoD, then back to Hunter, now Demon Hunter since Legion and no plans to stop unless they totally gut-- uh, I mean "rework" the class to the point where it's no longer identifiable or fun.

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    My main was a enh sham since Vanilla

    I like fast / dynamic gameplay but I needed changes. So I swape for DH and it's now my main from Day ONe

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ooid View Post
    Warlock, then they gutted demonology so I bailed. I still get metamorphosis so eh.
    This. /10char

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    edit: dont mind me, double posting like a dumbo.
    Blood Elves were based on a STRONG request from a poll of Asian players where many remarked on the Horde side that they and their girlfriends wanted a non-creepy femme race to play (Source)

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    Paladin, sham, back to paladin, dk back then paladin again. Finally dh in bfa because paladin dps feels like trash to play

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    Quote Originally Posted by Playintrafic View Post
    Paladin, sham, back to paladin, dk back then paladin again. Finally dh in bfa because paladin dps feels like trash to play
    To be fair the majority of classes feel like trash to play in BFA. I been main hopping ever since the expac dropped, but only DH really feels ''fun'' to me these days.

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    Mage mostly. Since 7.0 Havoc main

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    Lock -> DK -> DH
    And now that I've had double-jump-glide, I can't play any other class.
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    @Wingwraith: You can haz a point too, but only because you admit you're a tool!

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    Don't really have a main i raid mythic and do m+ on most my 120's to about the same level (i bring whats needed) and use all possible roles.

    Classic - First 1/2 Wrath = Warlock (Casual)
    Second 1/2 Wrath - Legion = DK (Semi-Casual/Hardcore)
    Legion - BFA = DH/DK (Semi-Hardcore)
    BFA - Shadowlands = DK/DH/Druid (Hardcore)

    Love the way the DH feels right now for tank/dps. Sometimes its nice to just sit back and smash buttons at the end of a long day.
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    Before Legion? A BM Hunter. Back then they were awesome. The Legion pre-patch hits, and suddenly they weren't awesome to me anymore.

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    DK since WotLK up to start of Legion, then shaman up to Battle of Dazar'alor. Then break. Then switched to DH and restarted raiding mid-EP.

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    I'd played the same Belf Warlock since BC. It was a welcome change.
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    Sub Rogue and MW Monk

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    I came from DK. DH has always been a favourite of mine since WC3, was never in doubt it would become my main whenever introduced.

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    Quote Originally Posted by reanimatez View Post
    Sub Rogue and MW Monk
    went from most fun yet lackluster to most OP yet boring.

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    Fury warrior in Vanilla and TBC
    Paladin healer early/rogue in late WotLK
    blood/frost DK in Cataclysm
    Brewmaster/WW monk in MoP and WoD, but didn't liked how they changed it in WoD gameplay wise.
    I liked DH from beta so I gave it a try in Legion and was disappointed until 1st patch when they added demonic as viable gameplay.
    Was maining DH until now but found a guild which wants WW monk so playing that now. Gameplay is better than what I remember from WoD

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