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    Yup i feel ya @OP. I still need to do the 3 runs this week to get my cloak up from rank 9 to rank 10 but I'm not even in the mood for it. Within a month this patch has managed to make me feel even more apathetic to wow than I already did (was unsubbed for 7 months before 8.3). So... when my sub runs out in a week I'm done again until 9.0 or idk when. I'll stay up to date on the WORLD of warcraft via social media and mmo champ/ youtube videos but I don't need to be inside the game WORLD of warcraft because lets be honest the world of warcraft feels smaller than ever before.. I decided to buy division 2 on sale for $3 currently and I might play that in the future at some point.. goodnight sweet prince..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nuba View Post
    M+, raids and Rated PvP are the endgame of WoW, you cant compare them to patch-features that are side-things-to-do
    What makes these things more Enggame than the Visions?

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    Does this thread need to be open when we have this one on the same page?

    Expecting lock soon.

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    Damn, I'm starting to feel like I've seen every thread on this site somewhere before.
    Person A: [insert feature] I don't like this feature.
    Person B: [insert reductionist take about why the feature is the same as every other feature].
    Person C: [insert some reasonable criticism].
    Person D: [insert "if you don't like [feature] why don't you just unsub?" gotcha].

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    Love the visions personally, really hope they manage to do bigger and better going forward.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thilicen View Post
    Love the visions personally, really hope they manage to do bigger and better going forward.
    There aren't going to be more visions. This is it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Puupi View Post
    There aren't going to be more visions. This is it.
    Well, alot of the core gameplay will be part of Torghast.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sir Riptor View Post
    Are we gonna get a new thread every week on how bad horrific visions are and how people should feel bad for enjoying it?
    Probably, because some people think their particular opinion is new, interesting, and worth sharing and thus demanding of its own thread instead of being added to one of the existing threads about the same thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nuba View Post
    but let's take a quick look at it:
    -Reused scenario
    -You 5-chest it once, get a mask to "make it harder"
    -Absolutely no new mechanics or different things, only things to "make it harder"
    -You farm stuff through the months to "make the "harder" as easy as the easy is right now"

    This is absolutely no mage tower, not even close. You hear people saying "I like horrific visions" and its nice, but its like saying "I like drustvar" or "I like nazjatar", it looks cool, but after 3 weeks on it you feel utterly bored and just want to move on.

    I mean lets face it: its literally doing the same thing, over and over again for months.
    same scenario, same bosses, nothing new, nothing different, nothing extra, every single skin and model used are reuses, there is no challenge after you do it the first time besides "farm more stuff to make harder mode as easy as easy mode is right now"

    like.... this is too Diablo
    I don't get the praise of the mage tower. It came out in the penultimate patch. I had unsubbed at that point in time because of the way they were handling Mythic dungeon exclusives during Nighthold. I came back in 7.3.5. Mage towers were pretty much an afterthought by then. They were easy, taking less than a week of effort on any character that had LFR Antorus gear. Farming the right legendaries made it incredibly easy. There were a few more scenarios (7 instead of 2), but you were locked to one per spec. Once you completed it, you couldn't make it harder, eliminating any replayability.

    I only have three masks at present, and I'm looking forward to unlocking the last two next week. I think the five mask solo run will be an interesting challenge. And while it will be made easier with more gear and cloak levels, I also know it is going to stay outside the ability of some of my guildies to complete this expansion.

    It's fine for you to not like Horrific Visions, but to compare them to a less replayable system with all of the same faults that you have with this one and then complain that they don't have longevity just seems a little bizarre to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by clinophobia View Post
    I know your post is sarcasm BUT class design in BfA is really the worst
    Yes, for some people paladins actually being good is clearly crappy design >_<

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    Quote Originally Posted by clinophobia View Post
    Weren't the people hyping this shit up @OP? I wonder how this endless tower in Shadowlands is going to feel lol
    My biggest fear about Torghast - limited attempts, diminishing returns and random actually not being random at all. Oh, and add some timegating as well.

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    I enjoy them and wish they weren't locked behind currency farming. I'd gladly see more content in that direction and am looking forward to the tower in Shadowlands.

    Though I hope the tower isn't timed.

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    I am actually enjoying this patch more than anything since Timeless Isle. And no I don't approve of anything Blizzard has done much lately-it is just that visions are actually a good idea.

    One of the reasons I like them is that there is entertaining content for people who don't raid seriously. That is almost everyone who plays apart from the very vocal minority who post on forums like MMO champion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rhorle View Post
    Oh no you might have to actually do something other then stand still. The horror. Also the potions are awesome because they add something the player can control. And you can easily tell which will damage you (a little more work for Ogrimmar since it is in a building). Also earning Coalescing Visions is hardly a chore. 3 to 4 dailies and a few vingettes twice a day is not a chore. That ensures at least 4 vessels per week. (1 from two lesser asaults, 1 from greater assault, 1 from lesser vision weekly (12k).

    10-15 mins of work is not really a chore. People considering it that isn't a fault of game design but just the different tastes of the player. Which is something that Blizzard can never design around.

    Isn't that pretty much the definition of a chore though? Something you must spend considerable amount of time into to be able to do something you'd actually enjoy (having to do assaults to do visions).

    Also how do you do one of the assaults including dailies in 10-15 minutes? Maybe on a low pop server and using as much movement boosts as you can but for me it's a constant competition from spawns and doing a full assault area takes at least 40 minutes on a medium pop server. I know I'm not hurrying it to lose my mind but 10-15 minutes for it all is hugely underestimated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dragothica View Post
    Isn't that pretty much the definition of a chore though? Something you must spend considerable amount of time into to be able to do something you'd actually enjoy (having to do assaults to do visions).
    10 to 15 mins isn't considerable though. I had my assault bar filled for Aqir just by doing the dailies yesterday. By the time I had all the dailies done and killed my 3rd rare I was at 96%. I got the remaining 4% by looting the corpses around corpse eater and doing the event. No movement abilities needed. Some days it takes a little longer but on average it isn't that long at all. There are also certain spots that make some of the dailies easier. The void candle event for the Major Uldum assault has a ton of mobs for the quests. There are some spawn rate issues that should be tweaked and one day it took forever to find a cache where it seemed like there was some bug or something.

    And you can always skip one or two dailies a week and still get enough to buy a vessel. (4 dailies at 250 is 14k a week). But if you find the Visions to be a chore then there is little reason to do all the dailies every day. Unless you want the rep rewards but then it still shouldn't be a chore because you decided the rewards are worth having.

    Edit 2/15: I just timed it today and the 5 quests in the Vale took me 9:54 to do. I started the time when I picked up the last quest at the Rajani because I went afk and a pet battle in between. My server is medium pop but at times the areas feel like low pop. So that does play into it. But it still isn't that great of a burden to do daily. I have 18k visions, two vessels and have done 4 runs this week. Also just timed Uldum and travel from first daily pick up to all turned in was 10:05.
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    Another horrific vision thread, as if there was not enough... Sick.

    - - - Updated - - -

    And there's more, those are just on the front page before i could go scroll down.

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    Quote Originally Posted by clinophobia View Post
    Weren't the people hyping this shit up @OP? I wonder how this endless tower in Shadowlands is going to feel lol
    The problem is that it will probably be shite and it's sadly half of the feature of the next expansion. I'm afraid this alone might take up so much of the ressources, that we will have a WoD 2.0, where everything gets cut because of an crappy feature. But at least here nothing will be cut, because... there is actually nothing to cut. Shadowlands is so underwhelming, that i don't think what could make me coming back to this game.

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    I mean the resources they put into BFA as far as 'new' features took the form of warfronts and island expeditions.

    You don't have to like visions but the community feedback from what I've seen isn't overwhelming negative on the feature. How many people on the other hand seriously jump out of their chair at the thought of doing islands or warfronts? Like none.

    I'm somewhat optimistic that the tower in shadowlands will be a pretty good feature. If it's something akin to the visions we got in 8.3, there's absolutely no way it can be worse than most of the previous expansions launch features.

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    I am shocked by how many people have been opening threads lately completely hating on MMORPG mechanics. Maybe this genre isn't for you. More on point, Horrific Visions are some of the best things I've seen in a long time and I am now more excited for Shadowlands than I've ever been for an expansion.

    I guess your opinion is just that: your opinion.

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