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    Its been 44 days since your new years resolution... Hows it going??

    This thread is to those that actually made a New Years resolution, not for the "resolutions are stupid" crowd. Go make your own thread.

    Genuinely curious who stuck it out and/or who just let it go...

    For me, I achieved 1/3 of my small goal recently to do the Spartan Trifecta. I completed the smaller race, im still conditioning but recently just ate some Pizza and some mountain dew. Like almost a whole large. I have a good 65lbs to lose and muscle to build. Its gonna take a while. But besides the pizza mishap, im doing OKAY. Not GREAT but okay. And thats good enough.

    (I dont have cheat days for the same reason why heroin or meth addicts shouldn't have them. Im addicted to food and I will fall, just as I did today. So I royally screwed up today. Ill recover)


    Sooooooooo what about you guys?????? Give me some good news? Give me some bad news??

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    I don't make resolutions. I get anxiety from not sticking to them.
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    i didn't make one either.
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    1.eat healthy.....somewhat followed, I do spend less on fast food and eat healthy more
    2.get fit...I been managing around 40-70 minutes of activity a day
    3.game less.. completely followed I clean up/do physical activities before I get on the computer
    4.be nicer to people online....failed completely, dota ended this one for me.

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    New year resolutions are silly. If you want to change something about yourself why wait for the new year?
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