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    Weak Auras GCD Bar

    Hi All,

    I'm a bit of a noob with Weak Auras and need some ideas from the pros. I'm after to create a simple bar that displays the GCD cooldown. I've set up bars for effect durations and spell cool downs, which is easy enough. However i just can't figure out how to display only the GCD.

    Has anybody done this or know how it could be done?

    Ty for reading!

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    If you're on Retail, the spell ID 61304 is provided by Blizzard to specifically track GCD. Use the "exact spell id" option in WeakAuras, however that option is named, to track that ID. There is no equivalent for Classic.

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    Genious! Yep I'm on retail, that worked a charm. Thanks.

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    Just set Trigger with Type: Status and choose Status: Global Cooldown. No need for special IDs.

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