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    I love your smug fuckery of an intro where you imply everyone else is just parroting someone else's opinion or is dishonest in reporting their opinion on the game.

    I could write a review too, let's start at 10 and work our way up or down.

    Did not remaster all art assets -1
    Did not remaster most sound assets -1
    Did not deliver on its custom map promise of plug & play -1
    Bugs in a +20 year old game -1
    Reworked users agreement disfavouring the consumer -1
    Made wc3 unplayable at launch -1
    Ingame model updates locked behind paywalls or preorders -1
    Hostility towards consumers at launch -1
    Removed a lot of depth to easter egg hunting in the game -1
    Outright broke some easter eggs in game -1

    Like this list can go on and on but you can't go below 0, so final verdict 0/10.
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    Maybe they can poll the AI and figure out why their game sucks.

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    I tried the beta and was immediately turned off by the, as the reviewer said it, archaic system. I remember enjoying WC3 back in the day a lot, but now it felt bad to play. The graphical improvements weren't that noticeable from the usual RTS perspective, and even upon closer inspection they felt lacking the original's style. Style that HotS nailed. I thought I would be interested to play through the campaign mode at least, but without the advertised new cutscenes I don't feel like I should bother.

    All in all Reforged and AoE2: Definitive Edition demonstrate well what makes Remasters work or not: The original has to hold up regardless. AoE2 is still pleasant to play, where as WC3 is not, at least as far as I'm concerned. If the original doesn't hold up, then you should just go with full-blown Remake; make the game like it originally came out today. Worked wonderfully for RE2, and FF7 is looking pretty good too.
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    I mean why play this shit when you can play Age of Empires 2 Definitive which actually has remastered visuals, more content and better gameplay?

    And it's cheaper too at £15.

    AoE 2 Definitive is how a Remaster SHOULD be done. WC3R isn't.

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    Wow, I've never seen people take a review for a game so personally, ha. OH MY GOD HOW DARE YOU LIKE SOMETHING! D :<
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