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    [h - illidan] balance druid lf heroic/mythic guild. Raid start times between 4pm-5pm


    I am looking for a Heroic raiding guild (preferably mythic pushing guild) with raid start times around 4pm-5pm EST on the weekdays (no weekend raiding). I am a Balance druid current ilvl 450 and growing as I am pugging Mythic+ dungeons and normal/heroic raids daily. In game name is Shifterstorm. I have previous mythic raid experience in Uldir and Battle for Dazar. High 97s parses in Uldir specifically.

    Stopped playing middle of 8.2 when my mythic guild randomly disbanded after Officers didn’t want to play the game anymore so out of frustration of just transferring to the server to raid, quit due to amount of time needed to find a new guild when raiding progression had already begun. I have recently come back and am working my way back up to where I use to be in terms of a raiding group.

    I am willing to transfer but not faction change to a new realm if needed.

    Please feel free to reach out to me in game “Shifter#1722” or in discord “Shifterstorm#8566”.


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    Bump, still looking for guild. Feel free to reach out!

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