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    my dude I never said that, i said it's the essence and the Cloak ranks BOTH can only be obtained by rep "grinding" rhorle explained that very well, I didn't even include the azerite and Corrupted 470 gear
    I am not your dude, pal.

    Also still, my point still is that the reputation for Uldum Accord and Rajani don't matter in the slightest for the Cloak. It just happens to happen that you get both with a daily or weekly

    And you still miss the point that for attaining the paragon chest, you have to go out of your way to gain reputation in a way that doesn't gives you any kind of CV.
    So yeah, they people who got their paragon chest definitely gone for the chest specifically, CV being a by product of this grind.

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    And still no hotfix for Anzu.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Monkeymootwo View Post
    ... Did you not even read it? The entire post is like 6 lines total...
    he did, but hes asking because its STILL not fixed (someone who has the cache done, but cant hand it in anywhere, as there is no hand in)

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