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    Islands are kind of fun in a mindless, blast through everything, Diablo sort of way.

    I don't mind the Visions, although I'd rather there were fewer limits on how often you can run it, so you can take more risks and the penalty for it is just starting again and losing that 15 minutes, rather than grinding 10000 tokens for another go.

    I think WoW has a problem in general with fun rationing. There is now so much RNG that nobody is going to get absolute best BiS socketed everything. So let people get more loot if they have time for it.

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    That AP is for all the specs. That's it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Doffen View Post
    That AP is for all the specs. That's it.
    oh god id totally forgotten the pain of not having leveld your second artifact in legion.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aphrel View Post
    oh god id totally forgotten the pain of not having leveld your second artifact in legion.
    Ye it did suck especially in the start. With all the catch up in 7-10 months in it wasn't so bad. But overall this change for BfA was great.
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    The bad stuff outweighed the good stuff in BfA for me, but it did have a few good things.

    I love warmode. Specifically, the fact that I can just keep it turned off. I really hope warmode stays in the game.

    Questing to the new level cap was fun. From what I can see, it seems like more people talk about Drustvar on the Alliance side, but I'm kind of a sucker for pirate themes and would have to say Tiragarde was my favorite questing zone.

    Soundtrack, art, and cinematics were amazing, as always.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Flower Milk View Post
    I gotta say, I can't really think of any. I can think of plenty of things I liked in Legion, even WoD, Cataclysm, Wrath, and BC. But I legitimately cannot come up with any changes to the game made in BfA that I like and would want to be carried over into Shadowlands.

    What about you?
    Zandalari and KT ARs and PvP/Warfronts xmogs... and that's it. In every other sense, BfA is strictly a downgrade from Legion.
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    we created a story structure for Sylvanas that, on the surface, echoed many broad strokes of the road Garrosh took (...). These parallels were intentional. But it's within the nuance that we sought to show the story grow and change.
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    BFA was about as nuanced as a golf club to the testicles/ovaries.

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    They made rogues scale properly with haste, which is more of a bug fix than a real design change, but it was good to have one secondary not be a virtual dead stat for 2/3 specs.

    The weapon damage / attack power normalization change was also a positive math change to the game.

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    Better transmog rules, new AH.
    I suppose expeditions and warfronts too, but they got boring too fast.

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    Hide chestpiece in Transmog. New AH.
    Thats it.
    Blizzard didnt actually change anything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aphrel View Post
    crafting and scrapping bracers to get expulsiom is imo one of the most braindead stupid things this expansion.

    Im not liking teh scrapper at all, it also makes it far too easy to get materials for you profession, leading to all crafts being near useless for selling.
    I agree on the Expulsom part, but I found it too hard to get mats in some cases. Again, being an enchanted you lose some of that. All in all professions sucked the big one, so it’s just a part of the problem. I think I liked the concept, even if the execution falls short.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dracullus View Post
    - War Mode
    - Account-wide Honor/old Prestige
    - PVP talents structure
    - spliting professions between expansions
    - big gold rewards transfered from mission table to emissary quest and paragon boxes
    - first gold deflation in history
    - legacy loot system in old LFR raids (not regular one, it was better with master loot)
    - communities
    - guild/community finder
    - new auction house
    - mount equipment
    + New transmog rules (being able to hide all slots and transmoggable legendaries, etc)
    + Upright Orcs
    + Golden eyes for Belves
    + More CGI cinematics than ever before that also tell a connected story
    + Legacy Loot mode for LFR
    + Account-wide cosmetics from Reputations (tabards/transmog)
    + Island Expeditions as a concept. As other people said, I'd like them to be less about grinding and speed and more about freedom and exploration. But I love the idea of them. I hope they dont give up the concept
    + Horrific Visions! Loving them. Can't wait for Torghast
    + Seasonal M+ affixes
    + Mechagon (I loved the atmosphere and the zone in general. I loved the concept despite never being fond of gnomes and sci-fi stuff. I loved the jetpacks and the combined effort to unlocking some stuff. I loved having to communicate with people to get treasures/rares/stuff. I loved being able to collect a resource and use it freely to make all kinds of stuff, though I wish they spiced it up even more. Did NOT like the grindy Meta-achievement)
    + Nazjatar (I loved the puzzles and the music! I had bigger hopes for the architecture and the story content in there. I liked the manapearl and benthic gear concepts. Though I did not raid beyond Heroic so I was not affected by the no-socket RNG thing and didnt farm the crap out of them. It was great content for a casual like me)
    + Essences (I like the concept behind them, though I prefer class-specific abilities for more variety across my alts. Also not a fan of having to regrind them across multiple characters. Definitely a no-no for me.
    + HERITAGE ARMOR YES! Loved it. I just wish they would make the storylines a bit longer and dive deeper into the HERITAGE/origin of that race. I have big hopes for the Draenei one. Will it be shamanistic? Or paladinish? Bring it on!
    + Allied Races - glad that they finally added sub-races. Not very happy about the implementation. It should not have been a separate race. Now I am so overwhelmed when creating a new character. Should my Warrior be a Mag'har orc or a regular one? The differences are both too insignificant yet too big and I just can't choose. One has cooler heritage armor, the other has cooler racials, one has more customization options, the other has cooler but too few customization options, one has a theme flexibility, allowing them to be multiple classes, the other has cooler theme but it ties them to just one class (lightforged paladin vs lightforged non-light class). I like the idea of them having different racials and at the same time I hate it. When it comes down to choosing between an Orc and a Draenei shaman, its still a hard choice but they are so different that I can have both and be okay with it okay. But having 2 characters of the same model (maghar/regular orc) for 1 class feels wrong.

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    Allied Races, Account Wide Honor Level (Went to 400+ Honor Level), SV Hunter, added Character Customizations.

    Allied Races are a very nice touch but I feel more should have been added. I actually like the fact you have to unlock them, it's very fitting into the story that you recruit these new groups into your faction. Heritage Armour is nice but the lack of weapons is a bit of a shame. There are a few that I've seen for Dark Iron that are on some NPCs that look amazing. Also I wanted High Elves but they don't exist I assume now.

    PVP Weekly Chest is good for how PVP is this expansion. I like the Ranking changes (Combatant, Challenger, Rival, Duelist, Elite) and how rewards are given each tier. It was cool in Season 1 and 2 as you had a base set and an elite version that could be interchangable. Unfortunately Season 3/4 have abandoned this completely and are pretty poor overall.

    BFA doesn't do much and it feels very cheap after Legion. It homogenized with Story, Appearences, Essences and Corruption that meany Class Identity that felt great in Legion has gone out the window. I still feel BFA has been a step backwards compared to Legion and will still refer to it as Legion 0.5
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    Island expeditions were decently fun and the concept of rogue-like gameplay has a lot of potential. I hope to see this system expanded upon and not go the way of MoP scenarios.

    I've only ever played on PvE servers to be with friends, but I have kept War Mode on since it became a feature. I am very happy with this feature.

    I love essences. I love the idea of hunting down the ones I want as well as to be a completionist. I love the system of upgrading them. I love that every class has different essences that are best for them and I love the idea of major and minor systems co-existing together and the customisation of picking my loadout.

    I love the level scaling system that we got at the start of the expansion and now we have level sync which is incredible. This is one of the best things ever added in my view.

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    Primal Wrath talent for feral druids. its A M A Z I N G - People who dont main a feral druid wont understand, but this changed everything about us. Also the spec is...still hard, but easier now.
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    Mythic+ seasonal affixes
    New auction house
    Legendary transmog
    Essences are not a bad idea; they would be great if not tied to a piece of gear.
    Concepts of Island expeditions and warfronts; execution was somewhat lacking.
    Titan residuum, in a broader sense of getting gear tokens from gear that dropped, but is not viable.

    Those come to mind.
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    Why cant a average guy like me have some genuine fun in this game? 9 hours i spent at work 6 i am sleeping and then im supposed to throw my life away with those 9 hours and use it on the game when i know the subscription keeps ticking.

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    Uhhhh the amount of high quality cinematics I guess?

    That's about it.

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    1. New auction house

    2. Xmog improvements

    3. Allied races

    4. Seasonal M+ affixes

    That's about it for me.

    The list of things I DON'T like is currently at 37 entries.

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    I like disc priest and prot warrior. Warmode is OK. New AH is I guess OK but haven't been subbed to try yet.

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