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    Quote Originally Posted by Kehego View Post
    You're under the impression that you'd be able to do it easily on any class at the start of the patch?
    By the time people get cloak 15 pretty much everyone is gonna have it.

    But keep crying, obv
    9 posts, and all u say is "crying in every post" i'll save myself the time ignored.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Socialhealer View Post
    9 posts, and all u say is "crying in every post" i'll save myself the time ignored.
    so i hit the nail on the head, gottem.

    Ignoring me just means that you acknowledge what I say and refuse to face the music.

    Twas a pleasure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jastall View Post
    At least Rexxar is a straight up skill (and admittedly gear to some extent) test. Umbric tests little but my patience with this week's affixes, and as a Warrior I can't do much when Leap is on cooldown. I envy my DK guildie who laughs at Leaden Foot due to Death's Advance passive and has two movement skills while Charge is worthless in that fight.
    Ok not gonna lie

    I’ve killed rexxar 4 times and still don’t know his mechanics

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    Quote Originally Posted by Socialhealer View Post
    FoS for solo'in 5 masks, and i've full cleared with 3, guess i'll wait for more cloak upgrades because blizzards idea of balance is....j/k they have no idea.
    That's a pretty big assumption there. It looks like Blizzard decided not to balance them which is good. Some roles\types have it easier than others. Those roles\types are likely to be better at other situations. It's a simple matter of adapting and actually being good.
    Quote Originally Posted by Nizah View Post
    why so mad bro

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wilfire View Post
    Scorched feet - your character jumps forward without your input
    Entomophobia - your character runs forward without your input
    Split personality - your character wanders around without your input
    Leaden foot - your character slows to a crawl

    Then every second mob has some kind of a slow or a stun. Special shoutout to that miniboss with the unavoidable chains that lock you out of your character for several seconds.

    It's like Ion and Holinka met up and Holinka told Ion that people love being CCed in PvP sooooo much that Ion thought it would be a brilliant idea to bring all of that CC into PvE. I don't remember EVER being locked out of my character by mechanics this much in 15 years of WoW.

    ...not to mention everyone is walking around slowed nowadays with corruptionforging.

    Being stunned is not fun. Losing control of your character is not fun. Being slowed is not fun. There's absolutely nothing fun about getting slowed to a crawl, being knocked into a mirror image and then watching helplessly as your character wanders around in a pool of nasty gunk while losing sanity. It doesn't feel like you're being punished for screwing up a mechanic. It feels like the game is doing its best to make you ALT+F4 and uninstall.

    p.s. I have cleared full 4 mask visions several times now. There's so many CCs incoming from mobs that it's impossible to run visions cleanly. No matter how good I play, I still have to watch my character get pummeled by mobs while I have no control several times per vision. Beyond frustrating.
    No, those mechanics are not fun and ARE frustrating.

    But overcoming them is fun. Getting better at beating the bosses IS fun too.

    What I think kinda sucks is the very very low and unappealing form of rewards that they've implemented in HV.

    420 gear for a 3 chest run? World quests that you do just by showing up and tagging a mob gave me a 445 weapon yesterday!

    I mean, this IS the hardest solo content they've given us in BfA. I'm NOT saying it's great, and I'm not saying it couldn't be better, but it is the best we have to play with as solo casuals until Shadowlands hits - and that's MONTHS away (that's a lot of capitalization, I apologize...)

    Every man (including myself) and their grandma have a YouTube channel where they record those HV runs and share their experience JUST TO BEAT WOW BOREDOM.

    You're invited, btw. Could always use some more constructive people in comments.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zantheus1993 View Post
    Ok not gonna lie

    I’ve killed rexxar 4 times and still don’t know his mechanics
    I feel this, I even killed him with a mask already. Still don't know shit about his mechanics.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yuli View Post
    I feel this, I even killed him with a mask already. Still don't know shit about his mechanics.
    I know every side boss adds a mechanic to thrall...I saw two boars

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    So you're mad that you're bad and unable to avoid mechanics? Nice. Leaden Foot I can sort of understand but even that one is completely avoidable, stutter step correctly the entire time even in Combat and you won't ever go above 2 stacks. All the other ones are easily avoidable and can be dealt with, even their tooltips tell you what they do/how to avoid em (ex: Entombophobia tooltip literally tells you to jump to clear stacks)

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    Quote Originally Posted by VinceVega View Post
    So making something difficult with additional things that change weekly is now bad design because you can't handle it?

    God you should NEVER even think about using a mask.

    The Visions are the only thing this patch has done good. Not an infinite farm. Locked so you can catch up and you are not forced to no live the first 3 weeks. Challenging so you get better each run. Has a soft nerf by the skilltree which means in the end everyone can faceroll it. You can choose of you want to do it in a group or solo. AND it changes enough that every week it feels different.

    If Thorgast takes the best parts from this and builds it up i am happy as fu**!
    I'm hoping Visions are a "trial run" of the Torghast idea. Torghast is the one SL thing I'm anticipating the most.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zantheus1993 View Post
    Ok not gonna lie

    I’ve killed rexxar 4 times and still don’t know his mechanics
    Murder the shit out of his boars fast because they have a (seemingly) unavoidable sanity drain.
    Dodge the charging creatures

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    I'd rather fight Umbric twice per vision than Rexxar. That being said, Stormwind trash is less forgiving that Org.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Skroe View Post
    I'd rather lose with Biden then try with Bernard.

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    There are already several threads discussing Horrific Visions, such as here. Closing this.
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