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    Havoc demon hunter.

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    Fury warrior. That's where my heart is. Still rocking the same ol' release day character.
    Mother pus bucket!

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    Disc Priest.
    I'd rather play all 3 priest specs, but if just one is to be chosen, it's disc.
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    sub rogue (WoD version)

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    Frost Mage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mexh View Post
    For the rest of your wow "career", what are you picking? I'll go first.

    Holy Paladin
    My favorite spec, meta lock, was already taken from me by blizzard against my will

    I guess I’d say... classic warrior

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    One of these four, DH probably being least considered. It's a hard choice indeed.

    • Tank - DW Frost Deathknight (Wrath)
    • Healer - Resto Druid (MoP)
    • Ranged - Survival Hunter (MoP)
    • Melee - Demon Hunter (BfA)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saracens View Post
    Arms Warrior. There's something so satisfying about it.
    dat execute windows :drools:

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    Fire mage. I was an Arms or Fury warrior for over a decade, alts never quite feeling as good as those, but then HotS's Kael inspired me to make a fire mage. It just clicked. I had played a mage before, but not to the extent of a proper alt. Once I was properly going it was evident I wanted to keep at it and my trusted warrior felt that much less tempting to return to.

    I only played ice spec for a time in BFA, because in the start-of-expansion weakened state fire was too tough. Ignite kept pulling large crowds at me. With ice I could target one at a time without risk. Now that I've attained gear I can destroy larger groups again as fire.

    I've also become so used to being able to teleport everywhere that playing alts feels iffy. Shaman not so much, since they can heal and have a travel form.
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    Cataclysm's Frost DK (which stayed the same until Legion, when it became DW-only).

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    Havoc DH. Double Jump alone would be worth it.

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    Muti Rogue
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