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    There should be one of these for BFA (and possibly shadowlands)

    I was watching this, both fun and depressing at the same time

    Figured why isn't there one of these with tons of those mega contradictory Ion quotes people shared on twitter that were recorded live? There can be one of these for 8.3 alone, let alone BFA, and there probably will be enough material to make one of these for shadowlands (lets face it, it has huge chances of being Reforged levels of "polished")

    Oh btw, "Taiwan" is a banned word in WC3R

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nuba View Post
    Be the hero of your story... make the video...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seranthor View Post
    Be the hero of your story... make the video...
    not really good with editing D:

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    Without watching the video I’m guessing there’s lots of criticism about Ion, blizzard, WoW and BfA... not for nothing, but it’s not hard at all to find a video doing that.

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    Probably will happen eventually for BfA.

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    Its funny to me that so many people disliked warcraft's remaster.
    For me, its a huge improvement to the game.

    I have to say, its very selfish to call it the "worst remaster of all time."

    For me, Dark souls Remaster is absolutely the worst.
    Broke most modding for the game, and changed essentially nothing.

    No clue why they even remastered it.
    Its BARELY better visually.

    Warcraft 3's visuals improved by miles, and many other changes to the game were dramatic improvements.

    Some people were disappointed, but its issues are heavily overblown.
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    BFA would only compare if, on its release, they deleted WoW classic servers instead.

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