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    Uhhh... have you played this game since Legion?

    It's basically a slot machine with an RPG skin.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bennett View Post
    I don't know - it's beyond me that after legiondaries they'd tie your most powerful gear behind RNG again. All they had to do was make it somehow targetable. Say what you like about titanforging, it wasn't doing 30% of people's damage and fucking you over if it didn't happen - it was better
    Unironically, this seems to be the case, as the statistics pile up.

    No Mind Flay for you? Aww, too bad, that's a -30% dps reduction compared to your peers who lucked out and looted one with it.

    I fuck#n hated the rngforging the day it arrived in MoP. It invalidated and made 10-man feel more unfair IMO. But back then I kind of felt why they did it, as there was a real reason. That was to incentivise people to do form 25-man raids instead, as the chances of getting rngforged stuff there, was higher.

    Nowadays, none of it makes any sense with the single raid size.
    It's just there because it was and stayed propbably because of the casino elements. Aka. hooking people.

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    I'd be a lot happier if there were way less corruption options (RNG chances) instead of the insane amount of combinations we have now. Something like 3-5 different affixes for different play-styles and situations (AOE, single target, survivabilty, etc.). Basically only the current Tier 3 affixes without the chance to bonus roll higher values.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ano2024 View Post
    RNG to get a good item you need. RNG to see if it corrupts. RNG to see if it is a "good" corruption. And then more RNG to see what level of corruption it is.

    Wasn't the whole idea to make a system better than titanforging?

    This is the kind of thing that has me concerned about Shadowlands. I don't think Blizzard lacks the ability to create interesting things. I think they just really don't want to and don't care. It's not Activision, it's everybody at that whole company, they just follow metrics and design everything around Skinner box ideas and making players play for as long as possible, while creating as little content as possible.
    No the idea was never about making a system better than titanforging. That's just things they say to make people feel good because half the game's design now includes PR and make believe.

    Corruption is there to make people chase a carrot for as long as possible. If you're against that to what a lot of smart people are doing, unsub and go have more fun in a better game while sending the clear message to Blizzard that you are not supporting their stupid shit.
    Cure cancer, delete factions.

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    They hope you keep farming them but instead you will burnout.
    Also, they are on BOE, lots of gold, lots of tokens. Ka-ching.

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    New ano2024 thread? -check.
    No further replies so far? -check.
    Mmoc neckbeards trolled? -check.

    Imagine there is a new ano2024 thread and no one answers! ha, utopia.

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    WoW runs on RNG mechanics that's why. It's easier for Blizzard to just randomize their game instead of taking the time to add fun and engaging content. It works for them so why change it?
    I'd buy that for a dollar.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aeula View Post
    Because game design is a foreign concept to them and random procs that proc randomly on random drop gear with a random rank and maybe a random socket that do 5-10% of your DPS seemed like a good idea.
    No it's not Game Design that's the problem, it's Player Retention. Activision-Blizzard wants you subbed for a long as possible. So that carrot of the less than 1% chance that you'll get the right item with the right corruption at the right tier is to keep you subbed until you realize that you don't need that item so when you've reached the state of good enough you can unsub.

    That's the beauty of why WF/TF and now Corruption screws with players who insist on BiS everything. Sure you can maybe get BiS in every slot, but it'll take you FOREVER because that's how the bean counters want it.

    If you could flip a switch and get BiS Corruption on Day 1, folks would be quitting the game as soon as content ran out (which is like a month after a patch comes out).
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    Because they were in a rush and couldn’t be bothered to actually test anything before implementing it.

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    Time played metrics.

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    Apparently I'm of the minority that actually likes corruption.
    I creep a lot of logs and the evidence for Stars isn't as strong as a lot of posters like to pretend.
    Yes a R3 stars looks good on Shadhar, one of the only ST fights in the entire raid where Stars works correctly, not even mentioning the trait itself is super unreliable.
    Most of the top parsers I see are using the better, less flashy corruptions because they're better budgeted.

    "LoL I'm a DH that has 27% damage from Starz!"
    *Ends up at 5th in damage because the UH DK was smart enough to stack varying ranks of Racing Pulse, Expedient, Gushing Wounds and Severe*

    Yes it has issues, but I think a lot of this crying is just to be heard.
    In my own raids I compete against players with Stars and Twisted Apendage. Yes it does a lot of their damage, but they still do less than those of us with the other traits.

    The mini game of swapping gear combos to ride the fine line of self destruction is neat for what it's worth, and I'm enjoying it while it lasts.
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    As if the horde faction imbalance could be worse now we have floofy foxes
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    and he's got a fat ass
    Quote Originally Posted by bmjclark View Post
    This thread is a nice reminder that Blizzard can do something nice and still get absolutely shit on for it.

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