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    NZoth Heroic tips

    Hi all,

    We are starting our NZoth heroic progression soon, and I wanted to see if anyone has any tips that could save us some time.

    We are clear on how the mechanics mostly work, but what wipes you the most? What are good times to use CDs like Rally Cry or SLT? When is ideal Lust timing?

    Thank you in advance!

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    Its largely personal responsibility. Each player needs to know what 'team' they're in so the psychus realm goes cleanly, and not go insane either by screwing up that part (getting caught behind that massive void zone can do that), or by clumping badly prior to paranoia. Let tanks control the psychus path, pre-marking the tendrils that need to to be killed may help.

    Save more minor damage CDs for nzoths stunned phase than psychus. Yes big numbers pretty, but if you can get nzoth at or below 60% prior to the first thought harvester, phase 3 becomes a joke. Try and stack the bad puddles and then move past them immediately. Theres no one specific spot that requires healing CDs but its good for a top off when evoke anguish doubles with a thought harvest. You want to try and beat him before harvesters start spawning two at a time, if that happens and boss is below 20, just finish off boss. If you want to really be spicy, force gift of nzoth around 10% (dont stack for a thought harvest) and use the damage boost to end it.

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    Don't die.

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    Follow the strategy posted on whatever site or youtube video precisely.

    "Well I want to be different and go kill this extra synapse for psychus!" Wipe.
    "Well I don't want to follow the synapse short loop shown in the guide!" Wipe.
    "Well I don't want to divide the raid into two equal groups for mind gates!" Wipe.
    "Well I don't want to go tank the second basher tentacle, we can zerg the first set!" Wipe.
    "Well I don't want to stack as a group in phase 3, we can just spread out and drop puddles wherever!" Wipe.

    Your group is not different or special. You must do it the correct way. You aren't inventing a strategy that everyone else missed out on.

    > What are good times to use CDs like Rally Cry or SLT?

    When DPSing the tentacles in phase 2, just before N'zoth pulses AOE damage.

    > When is ideal Lust timing?

    Sometime close to the start of phase 3. Align with DPS CDs if possible. You should hit phase 3 approximately when 2 and 3 minute CDs align if they were used at the end of the first psychus/first N'zoth stun.
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    Make sure your whole group is following ahead of Psychus. It seems pretty common for ranged/healers to lag behind and then get caught in the poo zone. You do not survive the poo zone. You also want to make it clear that it is the job of EVERYBODY to position properly during paranoia. Paranoia partners come together, non-paranoia raid members get the fuck away.

    After that, as mentioned, it really is just about personal responsibility. Most sanity gain is 100% avoidable.

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    -dont use cooldowns on psychus, use them to burn the boss. when 2 adds start spawning in p3, it becomes a clusterfuck, so the lower the boss is going into p3 the better off you will be.
    -if you use neck just after the boss gains it's immunity you get 3 uses out of it, with 1 at the start of p3. this is a bit earlier than a lot of pugs use it (just before you enter mind realm). the pro is you can get guaranteed full sanity going into p3, the con is that if people get hit by tentacles dying/paranoia/interrupts, you might not have enough sanity to survive psycus. extra detail: wait a few seconds after he gains immunity, if you do it exactly as he gains it, the neck bugs out and you get nothing.
    -group scaling on this fight sucks. it's a lot easier with 20 people than with 30 people. a lot of pugs even go as low as 10-12 people.
    -the big tentacles are the most dangerous part for tanks, especially in large group sizes the damage they do ramps up.
    -if you are going to get mind controlled, you can just suicide off the ledge of the encounter area. saves your friend the hassle of having to kill you and you don't risk draining other peoples sanity. it's not a huge deal but it's a nice thing you can do.

    -suiciding off the ledge of the encounter area is no repairs when a wipe is called.
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    Make sure ppl understand the paranoia, you want to get together with your partner quickly but its much better to take a few extra secs making sure to avoid every1 else then to run in the line and run over ppl.

    The real hard bit in the fight is p2 Psychus's, and thats made a lot easier by the tanks 'getting it' and staying with a good consistant route every pull.

    Make sure ppl prio the synapses >Psychus until 5 or so stacks and then cleave.

    The upstairs tentacles always have the same spawn locations so chuck down markers there and can be prepared for them.

    If someone is about to get mind controlled they can jump off the edge and then you dont have to deal with the mc.

    Once you done a bit of p3 progress, its rly not that hard. All get in add circles unless your sanity is <20% and save hero till end and force a mc on all by noone being in the add circle. (yes this is definatly worth it, 100% extra dmg for that last bit will make a difference between kill and 1% wipe) But you have to get the timing right, you cant get mc too early.

    Drop the evokes in the same area of the room but I wouldn't suggest stacking them up. Thats just gonna kill ppl. Think of it like a pizza slice you want to drop more at back then front.

    Shamans can pre tremor the fear beams for those who get caught in p3.

    - - - Updated - - -

    This boss is a big difficulty jump from carapace but the real difference between kill and wipe is having every1 alive in last phase, even 1 or 2 dead in 20 man grp is really noticable since then all else gets more sanity loss form adds.

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    We found the first 2 phases more difficult than the last phase. Last phase is really easy.

    Group one going down needs to use their heart prior to going down otherwise you will succumb to madness (we found because people like to stand in stuff lol). We found the best time was to use it right after the grasp ability. This way when you come back up the heart is off CD in like 15-20 seconds and can be used again.

    When you go down to Psychus we found the best option was if we knew he was going to drop a puddle to just jump forward and extra tentacle. Once you find a route that works for you it becomes easy. Try to avoid as much of the swirlies as possible and make sure Psychus is interupted. If someone is going to get MC'd make sure they jump off the ledge. This should never happen though if group going down uses the heart as stated above.

    The top group is quite easy, just make sure tentacles are interrupted and make sure paranoia's get together quickly; give them a path to get to eachother. Sanity loss is very minimal up top.

    P3 we found really easy. Once we got to P3 we downed the boss after 3 attempts. Have everyone stack and lust. When anguish is going to drop everyone move together so they all drop in the same spot. Our first anguish we dropped darkness. When eye beams come out just skirt along the boss the direction they are going. If it happens to be the direction the puddle was just skirt around the puddle as a group to the other side. Second anguish we used Rallying, third we used Ring, and the boss was dead. I think we had a total of 21 pulls (we are a heroic guild that dabbles in a few mythic bosses).
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    Quote Originally Posted by bullseyed View Post
    Follow the strategy posted on whatever site or youtube video precisely.
    That's an interesting mindset. 4 out of 5 things that would wipe you, according to your list, give many raids zero trouble. Also lust can vary greatly depending on the group size, composition and player skill. What's the fun of just following someone's strategy? Do you even step inside the raid before all the guides come out?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bullseyed View Post
    "Well I don't want to follow the synapse short loop shown in the guide!" Wipe.
    Been downing him every week since week 1 as a tank and idk what the fuck this even is. If you need to watch a route guide for the synapses, you need a new tank because it's as straight forward of a phase as anything and is literally the easiest thing in the fight to not fuck up.

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    Thank you all for the helpful tips. We got him after about 4 hours. We ended up lusting for both Mind Gates as we were really struggling in there, and then somehow got the kill with 2 people alive at the end . Good times!

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    Run 2/2/6. Hardest part of the fight is most likely the 1st gate and people dodging fire. I think if you get hit by 2 you will get MC'd. Make it to the last phase with people not getting MC'd early and should be an easy kill.

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