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    1) Guardian druid
    2) Feral druid
    3) Resto druid

    That's what druids are meant to be (plus balance) and I also love the class so much.

    Alternatively, Guardian, Unholy, and Assass or Sub
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    1: BrM Monk
    2: Resto Druid
    3: Combat Rogue
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    Change your essence as fury open your mind you’re stuck in a box on classic, arms has a pretty rigid build but fury has like 5 pretty didfierenr builds that all feel good

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    MoP Hunter
    MoP Hunter
    MoP Hunter

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    Survival hunter just love it
    And anything shaman

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    MoP Destruction Warlock
    Havoc Demonhunter
    Brewmaster Monk
    Hail Lilith and see you in Hell!

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    Resto Shaman
    Resto Druid

    Perfectly balanced. I've not liked Holy Paladins since they gutted them in Cataclysm, and I've not liked Priests since they made Discipline into a dps spec. The other 3 healing classes I adore though. Being able to fluidly change between the different healing styles on my main would make me really happy. I always liked Priests before the Atonement change because it had two different healing styles in the same class. I've always wanted Blizzard to have more tank/healing specs in a class beyond one. They just seem afraid to do it and unwilling to not have a new class also be DPS. The WotLK Death Knights were one of my favorite classes in the game because of the 3 (arguably 6) different tanking styles the class offered. Dual Wield Unholy tanking with a pet is still one of my fondest memories from then.
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    Balance Druid
    Enhancement Shaman
    Frost Mage


    elemental/natural powerhouse

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    Ultimate tanking class:
    Prot Warrior - for insane physical damage mitigation and dps
    Blood DK - for mass grip... there is allways boss that needs it... EVERY. FUCKING. TIME.
    Brewmaster - stagger is just way way too good on spike damage
    Prot Paladin - why just stay at 3 specs? Druids have 4... I want to have 4 too! I need dem immunities
    DPS class:
    Fury Warrior
    Havoc DH
    Ass Rogue
    And you can pretty much soak every god damn shit blizzard throws at you
    Healing class:
    Holy Pala
    Resto Druid
    Holy Priest

    I dunno, I rarely play healers

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    WW Monk
    Arms Warrior
    Havoc DH

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ginji View Post
    MoP Hunter
    MoP Hunter
    MoP Hunter
    God this makes me so sad

    I just want MoP survival blizzard please why do you hate us

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    1) Unholy
    2) Shadow
    3) Havoc

    I'm just imaging a melee'in shadow priest who can summon a plethora of minions and as a back up anyone that gets close you can just hop into metamorphosis. I'd then have eye beam set and a series of macros from /lol to "I dont think so" to be perfectly timed with my hp bar going from low to full
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    This is the perfect classes for me.
    1) Fire mage
    2) Marksmanship
    3) Blood

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    WotLK Frost DK
    WotLK or MoP Enha
    Legion Vengeance

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    - Havoc Demon Hunter
    - Protection Paladin
    - Mistweaver Healer

    That would save me from playing 3 toons.

    Granted Havoc feels like WOTLK Retribution Paladin to me, probably why I enjoy it, but I just don't enjoy Holy on my paladin.

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    The class / spec that you wait for hopelessly is the best

    1) Crossbow Demon Hunter
    2) Tank Tinker
    3) Alchemist healer

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