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    Eh, I can't play BFA anymore, I gave it a college try. The essence thing turned out to just be annoying and the corruption stuff is meaningless because I don't like doing the content in the game to get the gear in the first place.

    Legion had Suramar, Argus and Broken Shore. Everything was laid out, the catchup mechanics were nice and simple and everything worked and meshed and classes were nice to play and the class halls were actually good, legendaries were fun to farm, Legion had dungeons that were relatively short like Maw, everything wasn't anal retentively hard, over tuned and drawn out. You still had AOE stuns. Mage Tower rotating in. Really tough raids with nice lore.
    BFA does everything it can to not be Legion, it's crazy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skildar View Post
    so you cannot read as my statement starts with "I'm surprised some people liked..." and not "I cannot understand that some people liked..."
    And apparently neither can you, as I said "what basically amounts to" the understand comment.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Northelim View Post
    The Jailer is NOT Arthas. Blizzard confirmed at Blizzcon that it's a new character to the lore. However, what's being jailed itself is a whole different story. It seems that the souls are feeding something and it will be getting out. Some people predict that its Yogg Saron since he is the God of Death and we never killed him, just suppressed him.

    We also know for a fact we will meet with Uther's soul from the Kyrian Covenant because that's where he was accepted and Kael'thas with the Venthyr. Old school toons lore hype. Oh and we will be crafting legendaries at same forge where Arthas's armor and Froustmourne was created. How much you wanna bet we will be crafting a nee Helm of Dominiation? Also, where is Arthas's soul and does it even exist?
    Good points, I am excited for seeing Kael'thas again, and Uther, even if it is to just help him become a blue angel. lol Yogg-saron being what The Jailer is jailing sounds intriguing, I don't think I had heard that but I'd love that as well!

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    The absolute one positive that I can say for BfA is that it was the first time that I’ve ever enjoyed leveling an Alliance toon. I enjoyed the zones and stories for Drustvar and Stormsong way more than I did enjoy any of the Horde leveling zones this expansion (with the exception of parts of Vol’dun (the ghost pirates!) and a parcel here and there in Nazmir.
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    Every expansion when it came out post wrath was heralded as the worst expansion ever fir the game. Shadowlands will probally be considered in the same way. I find it funny that for both mop and wod, they where reguarded as terrible but here we are years later praising those expansions. While BFA did a lackluster job in a few areas i am sure we will be hearing about the positives of it a few expansions from now.

    That said, looking forward. Shadowlands is on the horizon and people are looking for something better. Every expansion has been compared to wrath and in most (not all) minds has not lived up to it. Then Shadowlands will also most likely fall short if you use this benchmark. I can almost say for certin they will have a grind with the anima system they are bringing in. Its simply artifact power with another name/purpose.

    Im interested in new dungeons but the tower they highlighted really feels like a ripoff of final fantasy xiv's palace of the dead/heaven on high dungeons to me.

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    Is it confirmed we won't get any allied races then?

    Tbh I have no issues with world quests, I think its a nice feature. It's just the pathfinder being gated for so long that ruins it I find.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Northelim View Post
    Hello fellow adventures, heroes, champions or whatever you'd preferred to be called.

    Believe it or not, I do agree for the most part that Battle for Azeroth was lacking quite a few things and it also did not execute many of the gameplay systems and instead hit the overall experience.

    From lackluster island expeditions, crappy azerite system and essences not being account bound I still actually think it was not a horrible expansion as many make it out to be, especially even when compared to WoD.

    I am one of the few people most likely (in the minority) that absolutely loves and adores the world quests system. Ever since their inception from Legion which I believe was 2nd best expansion since WotLK (For me personally) the best thing about BFA for me were each and every one of the zones, BFA is the first expansion where I absolutely love every single zone that it has to offer and adventuring in those everyday was an absolute bliss thanks to world quests. While some of the rares were not very rewarding to hunt down it was still a lot of fun for me too see a star on my map, track it down and kill it.

    I think that the strongest feature of BFA were its dungeons and Allied Races. Thanks to both of those being exceptionally good, the expansion had a lot more content too offer than Warlords of Draenor ever did. I personally love rep grinds, but I do think they could be a bit less time gated hopefully come next expansion but we have to wait and see.

    Overall, as much as everyone dislikes BFA I did think the overall world, lore of the zones, and the dungeons themselves were absolutely top notch. I love Underrot, Siege of Boralus, Waycrest and Atal Dazar. Absolutely phenomenal dungeons, never got bored of any of them and could run +10s for days non stop in a row without ever being bored.

    I am super excited for Shadowlands and do believe it will be a superior expansion, but I did wanna say that BFA is not all horrible content wise despite Warfronts and IEs being a bit poopy. The main issue of BFA were always the core gameplay and gear systems . I think if it had better ideas in place it could have been one of the best expansions.
    I enjoyed the raids and the dungeons but that is pretty much it. I unlocked 1 allied race I think as I only play 1 character and have no use for them; but I can see why there is a big draw to them. I think they really need to go away with rental power systems. The game has become horrible every since the rental grinds have been around.
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    • I enjoyed the lore of the zones, but not the faction war lore.
    • Mostly i absolutely love kultiras, and soundtracks from zones, even voldun that is desert and i don't appreciate much desert zones, has an amazing soundtrack.
    • I love this patch, and i wish we had more about this sooner.
    • I hate systems and RNG.
    • I like some azerite traits and some essences.
    • I don't like having a grind on my gear when there's too much layers of RNG.
    • I get excited with gear getting corrupted and i get excited for opening weekly chest with everyone around me and see everyone complaining about the drops.
    • I don't like how everything is so cheap this expansion on the auction house but herbs and pots/flasks and some other things that are just helpful but not much needed.
    • I don't like titan residuum.
    • I don't like the mechanics of some dungeons such as Mechagon, i think i'm a bit tired of trash atm. One dungeon i absolutely loved in legion was Darkheart thicket, you couldn't always mount up and you had really hard mechanics in some bosses but it was enthusiastic, like the dragon pushing you to the eggs and you could wipe insta if there was not much dps and healing and self awareness. But if there was, it would be smooth and amazing run. Just like every other dungeon and the places were more welcoming, i don't know i think the reason is because:
    • I prefer dungeons were you are subterranean, and can't mount up, because it makes you go harder on the dungeon and not wanting to die because if you do, you'll be put at the beginning in most cases and you will need to repair, so automatically makes you want to be better and do better so you don't need to have bills.
    • I don't like PVP anymore but that's not exclusively fault of this expansion, it's because of no pvp gear vendor that i miss and all those pvp things.
    • I love love love PVP events tho, i love doing honor cap and i love the achivements and titles you get like "kill X alliance/horde in this zone" and then you get achievements for stuff like that, and battle for Nazjatar was interesting too. Nazjatar is probably my least favorite zone along aside with mechagon.
    • I love events in general and i love the weekly dailies.
    • I'm kind of tired of mission table, but it's not much as important now as it just helps you with some rep, all rep help is welcome i guess.
    • And well, i'm tired of AP.
    • Some systems started in legion, they were ok in legion, but an extent to bfa, such as AP, was a bit too much for me. I think many things could have been taken to bfa from legion that we didn't have and what we got was the wrong things.
    • I love zandalar but i don't like the city too much.
    • I didn't like professions much this expansion either with all being soulbound.
    • I don't get why the portals in Dalaran also stopped existing such as the ones going to Karazhan and dalaran crate, etc. And they had to put one in orgrimmar even to go to caverns of time, that was in dalaran too and in bfa when they removed those portals, there was not even a caverns of time one anymore. (I absolutely also love seeing alliance and horde together on a neutral city such as dalaran, feels the game is more alive and i love dalaran, instead of capital city of the faction only)
    • I think i liked islands in the beginning and so i did with warfronts but it wasn't a super appealing feature and right now i barely want to do them. If i do HC warfront is because of that shiny cache.

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    I actually quite enjoy islands in their current reward state. It's just a shame they didn't release as they are now. I could easily do 5-10 islands at release without seeing anything drop. I don't consider them core content, just something to fill a few mins here and there. Some people enjoyed scenarios in MOP for the same purpose (although personally I found those incredibly terdious after the 1st run).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marrilaife View Post
    Every expansion has dungeons. Shadowlands will too. And if you loved Siege of Boralus 100% you don't play a pet class. Last boss is awfully obnoxious and plagued with pet pathing issues.

    Allied races? Shadowlands will offer something better, which is free customization for existing races. Only few allied races were actually new races, like Vulpera or Kul Tirans, rest were reskins with different skin colours and hairstyles.

    Also I don't mind world quests and rep grinds, but what I do mind is constant extra tacked on systems like AP, essences, etc. to make people who don't enjoy that content pushed towards doing it nonetheless. If reps were like in the old times that they gave mounts and some profession patterns that would be fine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Boomzy View Post
    As if the horde faction imbalance could be worse now we have floofy foxes
    Quote Originally Posted by Dossou View Post
    and he's got a fat ass
    Quote Originally Posted by bmjclark View Post
    This thread is a nice reminder that Blizzard can do something nice and still get absolutely shit on for it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mirishka View Post
    And apparently neither can you, as I said "what basically amounts to" the understand comment.
    ok so next time just re-write the messages of others as how you want to understand them, it's simpler and you can make them say whatever you want... If I phrased my sentence one way it's not to tell something else

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    Quote Originally Posted by artam View Post
    Well most "minor" problems are, systems and class design, witch are the CORE of every expac. Raids, dungeons, great art, music, etc, are not core, they are always good to great, but, systems and classes is where the fun is, and BFA failed on that.
    I only play like 6-7 characters right now (though it was more like 8-9 at one point before this patch) but I feel even the criticisms towards class design are overblown. Like GCD changes for example have only felt annoying on 1 or 2 specs that I've tried - the ones like BM hunter for example where you want to cram 2 cooldowns into your rotation and it feels awkward. I'm having pretty fun whether I play my WW monk, fury warrior, fire mage, prot pala, ele shaman etc.

    I did enjoy my main a bit more in Legion but they basically took away the artifact ability which felt very satisfying and replaced it with a lesser 'copy' of it that doesn't quite function the same. But to me it's like getting 85% of the chocolate bar instead of 100%, it's not as black or white as people make it out to be IMO. I'm sure there's classes that feel bad to play now though I'm yet to encounter them really. With that said I've probably only played 1/3 to 1/2 of all the specs in BFA.

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    I agree OP. Whilst BFA felt a little lacking to me, I enjoyed the areas and mechanics they added (I actually enjoy Expeditions, WQ's and I like Max level progression like AP; Warfronts were OK if a little underwhelming), I didn't find it horrible or bad. TBH it's been nice to take a break from WoW and play a bunch of other games whilst BFA has been out.

    I'll probably resub eventually just to finish out the storyline and areas of BFA before SL pre-patch drops.

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