**About Us**

Creative Anarchy is now recruiting! We’re a casual heroic guild with hopes of re-entering mythic raiding. We run a progression minded raid that manages to stay laid back and fun. CA has had consistent progress, raiding nonstop since Siege of Orgrimmar in MoP through all of WoD, Legion, and now into BfA. Unlike many guilds we did not disband or “take a break” through the content droughts at the end of expansions. We are currently attempting to fill out our roster to re-enter mythic raiding. Additionally, we run mythic plus throughout the week.

**Our Raid Times**

Tuesday 6:45-9:30p EST

Thursday 6:45-930p EST

**Our Current Progression**

1/8m 8/8h Uldir
1/9m 9/9h Dazar’alor
2/2h Crucible
3/8m 8/8h Eternal Palace
11/12n 9/12h Ny'alotha

**What We’re Looking For**

All DPS, ranged preferred and 1 healer

**Who to Contact**

Testifyx - GM

Cathbadhh (cathbadh#1488)