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    It's not completely uncapped. There is a "soft cap" based on how high is your corruption resistance, and how much you, as a player, can tolerate the negative effects.

    I mean, if you're find that you're fine with The Thing From Beyond literally Usain Bolt'ing at you, the Eye of Corruption's area of effect being wider than Sargeras' sword is long, and Grasping Tendrils basically rooting you to the ground, as well as having a huge damage taken greatly increased and healing received greatly diminished, just go ahead and slap on as many corrupted pieces as you want.

    The character does look good in red, though.
    I've learned the hard way to glance over at character's visual effects in mythic plus. Lost a 17 key from a healer that kept exploding from thing from beyond...

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    Corruption effects should be disabled on PVP (BGs and Arenas, doesn't seem posible on WPVP)

    It's fun to have that wildcard on PVE though. The problem is, they are nerfing some corruption effects instead of buffing the other. I've always liked the "Eveything is OP" mentality over the "Nothing is OP" one.

    -Everything should corrupt, get rid of that layer of RNG.
    -Effects should be "sealed" instead of cleansed", and you can break the seal whenever you want by using MEMEntos.
    -Get rid of Stat corruption effects.
    -Make more effects, flashier and as OP as Devastation, Infinite Stars.
    -Corruption negative effects make sense but should be nerfed, they aren't fun at all. The damage increase one should be removed.
    -Get a Void form once you reach maximum corruption negative effect instead of that boring red goop that doesn't goop.

    Idk, the corruption system had potential to be fun and unexpected, my hopes were too high I guess.

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    The corruption system is just like azerite, it sucks

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