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    Hey guys,

    I have been browsing these forums and others for a long time now... the same discussion has always popped up and it is controversial... that WoW is dying. I've read countless threads and spent hours just thinking about this... and I've formed my own opinion about it.

    WoW is in a sense, dying, sure, however, it's the generational shift, in my personal opinion. Most of WoW players who started in the beginning are all grown up now. Most of us started either in High School or college. At the time of WoW launch, it was massively popular, I remember most of my college classmates were playing, the job I had after college, most of them were playing and our boss too. We had guilds going, group runs, raids and we all talked about it at lunch of what we're going to be working on next when we all get home. But, over the course of time, I noticed that people stopped playing. I would go into work and no one was really talking about it, and finally, the "phase" went away. People I used to play with from work and school moved on to bigger and better things, I lost contact with people and the ones who I still remain in contact with all have one thing in common... they grew out of it. They got better jobs/careers, family matters to attend... real life obligations. Wow has never been an instant gratification game. We all have put countless hours of time and effort, either in groups or solo... but it all has taken time. Times gates, grinding badges for gear, daily quests and other stuff. I remember collecting all the mounts from the Argent torny, it took me several months to complete, but I was sure proud when I got them... The Netherdrake questline and the grind for those all so cool space dragons! It was a blast... at the time. However, it has changed. Our personalities of instant gratification has taken that over. How we want everything right away. Blizzard has done their best to accommodate that and it has left the community divided. The ones who loved/want that grind and satisfaction of completing and reaching the end of the questline/grind and the ones who can barely even do 5 quests to unlock something powerful. I know I will get flak for this. I know there will people who agree. But my point still stands. The game isn't dead, there is still people, like myself who love the game, the lore, the fantasy of Warcraft, but the era of World of Warcraft is. Look around you, other than Facebook groups and forums, no one really talks about WoW in real life openly like they used to. I don't hear people bragging about that awesome mount or gear they got last night.

    King Terenas Menethil said it best himself... no king rules forever.

    It's hard to accept, but the fad/phase of World of Warcraft is dying, some would argue, dead. Blizzard has been struggling to get people to play retail. They saw this and finally responded to the classic community and created classic realms. But eventually that'll come to pass too. Classic undoubtedly has a strong player base right now. But how long will that lost for? Blizzard has said they're exploring the possibilities of TBC and WotLK realms, but there is only so many more expansions they can go through before they complete a full circle and the classic community is right back where they started.

    I, like many other WoW players, do not want to see this come to fruition. I love the game, I love the story and it is extremely exciting to see these lore characters come to life in game. But I do realize, that everything has an end and I really believe, and we're close to it. Blizzard is running out of story that makes sense in the Warcraft universe, they're running out of villains to explore. I hope its years down the road and we have more time to call Azeroth our home, but when the time comes, I'll accept it. From day one, November 23rd, 2004, I step foot into the world of Azeroth, and the moment the servers go offline for the last time, I will be there, in the second place I called home... Azeroth.
    WoW is certainly not dying, ppl will always come back.

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    Blame the zoomers. Games these days are being made for children with the attention spans of small puppies. I'll never stop playing MMOs, but they're very much a boomer genre at this point.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ercarp View Post
    Blame the zoomers. Games these days are being made for children with the attention spans of small puppies. I'll never stop playing MMOs, but they're very much a boomer genre at this point.
    I mean, I’m not a boomer; I’m 20 idk what that makes me but I love MMOs and I always have since I watched my brother play when I was little! There’s hope for us yet.

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    "WoW is Dying/Dead" type threads don't tend to produce much in the way of constructive discussion or debate. Closing this.
    "I remember what I told you, but I can't remember why. The moon is turning red and bleeding through the sky. Absolution, redemption, salvation at the end - when justice is served don't expect me to attend." - Trust Obey, "Raymond Chandler Evening"

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